Did you like the LG G6? So you'll love this concept of Google Pixel 2

Did you like the LG G6? So you'll love this concept of Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel Young Girl Concept 2

The Google Pixel is a fantastic smartphone, by the way, even with my super destroyed I can not trade it for other equipment. The new smartphone from Google does what I always wanted from an Android, that is, it just works.

The American company terminal gives us excellent build quality, good specs, great camera and even a jealous screen, however, the smartphone is far from the most beautiful device on the market.

In launching the smartphone with that design, Google "admitted" that it sought to win over iPhone users, with Google Pixel launched in the US and UK where iOS offers a large percentage to counter the Android Operating System.

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After the new high-end smartphones have been launched, the big question remains, will Google follow the fashion of the big market? I still wrote today that Apple had no other solution than to go after the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the same can be applied to the Pixel.

The LG G6 brought the new aspect ratio 18: 9 and the S8 offers them the 18.5: 9. Simply stated, this indicates that the smartphone is more stretched, but still the same width, increasing the screen size but without damaging portability.

A 17-year-old design decided to look at the LG G6 and imagine that Google goes back to the South Korean company in building its Google Pixel 2 and the result is astounding.

Google Pixel 2 inspired by the LG G6 is simply brilliant!

The smartphone is no stranger to the lines of the original Google Pixel, but we can see a thin-edged screen that will give the user more possibilities.

It is very likely that Google will continue to partner with HTC in building the Google Pixel 2, however the design is all Google, this means that we may actually have something more cheeky.

Google Pixel 2 will be introduced after the iPhone and whether or not the next iPhone will have a lot to say in the smartphone market, we'll see if Google can make Google Pixel 2 as interesting and successful as the first Google Pixel.

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