Diaspora, a game that will surprise you

Board games have evolved in recent years and some of them have chosen to make use of new technologies in order to achieve much richer interactive experiences. The problem is that if you are not a fan of them it is likely that many will go unnoticed. Diaspora is one of them.

Let’s get in position and see how the story begins. In Diaspora you are one of the fifty chosen that goes aboard one of the generational ships that have left Earth. This ship, controlled by an artificial intelligence called Turing, aims to keep you alive, in suspended animation, until you reach your destination. The problem is that something goes wrong and you wake up. Now what? What has happened?

Embodying the role of three different characters (Arturo Harris, Patrick Heart and Vaiana Simons), you will have to solve the 24 puzzles of the game. These correspond to the 24 cards of the game, 8 for each character, and that allow you to know what has happened and the history of each one of them.

Diaspora characters

When you solve one of these riddles you get a code which is the one to send to the artificial intelligence of the ship and then receive the answer. In addition, in said email, they also have a button that gives you access to the control panel of the ship and from which you can see the progress of each character.

What if you don’t solve the riddles? Well as they indicate, if you get stuck you can lose help to Turing. To do this you just have to send an email with a navigation code and you will receive clues to facilitate their resolution.

If you want to get an idea of ​​what it is, I encourage you to send your first email to diaspora@estasjugando.com with the code: 1234: which you can add in the subject of the email or in the body of the email.

Diaspora: an original proposal, although not new

Turing panel

The Diaspora proposal is not really new, I remember the occasional similar game. But that does not mean that it does a fairly original game that without leaving aside the advantages and options that technology gives, it mixes in an attractive way the analog game and the riddles with the digital.

In addition, the game it only costs 6 euros And it can be a good gift for both yourself and another if you are not sure what you might or may not like. You can know some extra details on the web of estasjugando.com