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Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi: Home Internet Coverage Problems Will End

Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi: Home Internet Coverage Problems Will End

There are many cases with home internet coverage issues. The carriers' router is not one of the best in the industry and when home infrastructure doesn't help, coverage problems are even worse.

There are solutions like a Wi-Fi extension or repeater, however, this problem is not always solved with such a gadget. This is where Devolo Magic 2 comes in. The little gadget will offer top quality internet coverage than any other.

Identify if you really need a Powerline

Powerline Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi

A Powerline is usually more expensive than a Wi-Fi signal repeater. Although of a much higher quality, it is worth knowing whether or not a repeater will come to you. You will find repeaters with values ​​just over 30 €. Already this Powerline Devolo Magic 2 has a value around the € 199.

That is, unless you have money left in your wallet, it confirms that the problem can be solved with a lower investment. Again, a repeater will not give you even half the quality this Powerline offers.

How the Powerline Devolo Magic 2 Works

Powerline Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi

In short, and for you to quickly understand, the internet will travel along the power line as far as you want from your home. That is, for this to work, you need the divisions to be connected by the same electrical installation. For example, it won't work if you give your neighbor a powerline because it doesn't share your power grid.

That is, if you need internet in your room, you just need to plug one devolo connector near the router and the other into a socket in your room. Note that the repeater also has a socket for plugging in what was previously connected to that socket. For better signal quality, connect the devolo directly to a current, not to an extension.

Installation is simple and fast.

Powerline Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi

I love technology, but not always installing such a service is the most intuitive. Don't worry that you won't get your head in water with Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi. You just have to turn it on, click a button and click the router's WPS button. Is ready.

The free application for Android and iOS does the rest. You will be able to set the Wi-Fi name, a new password and more important security issues.

The box (starter pack) comes with two small gadgets. One of them plugs directly into the power outlet and connects to your router by cable. The other one just has to put in the house where you want an improved internet. You always have the possibility to buy more adapters and will connect to other areas of the house that have bad signal.

After all is on, it's done! You'll be able to find the Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone and connect quickly without problems. You can still set it as an "extension" and you won't have two Wi-Fi. Even though most smartphones today will automatically connect to the strongest signal.

Create a guest-only WiFi

If you don't like giving your password to everyone who comes into your house, here is the solution to your problem. In the app you can easily set up a Wi-Fi network for guests.

You can also define how long you allow them to be connected to that network. All this, as I pointed out, is done through the application of Devolo.

Devolo Magic 2 is worth the price you ask

Powerline Devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi

The internet quality that comes out of this little gadget is as strong as that of the router. I have the contracted speed of 100Mbps download and 100mbps for upload. With the small gadget from Devolo I get values ​​around 90Mbps download and 70Mbps upload. Note that this kit offers speeds up to 2400Mbps

Since the Devolo connection is wireless, these values ​​are more than satisfactory. By way of comparison, in the division of the house that I installed the small gadget caught between 10Mbps download and 5Mbps upload.

In short, if your problem is home network coverage, I absolutely know that the Devolo powerline will solve your problem. As much as it has a value above the repeater, if it doesn't fit what you want, I know you'll be pleased.

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