Designer Joshua Philoctete has an interesting goal: to make Dragon Radar from the Dragon Ball anime a map application, similar to Google Maps or Waze. It is very likely that you have seen the Dragon Ball and you certainly remember the Radar, used to find the 7 magic balls of the Dragon.

Essentially, according to Joshua, this will be a map application like so many others. The difference is that the theme of the application will be Dragon Ball’s radar. The designer took the liberty to create some preview images.


As you can see from the images, it is a very thematic application, with a color scheme in black and orange, alluding to the anime. The interface is quite simple, which allows you to search directly for locations. The location symbols are small Dragon Balls, alluding even more to the general theme of the app.

An interesting idea that can be themes for apps

Let’s face it, making a root map app is no easy task. Even less easy is to promote it and encourage people to use it. As much as Dragon Ball is in the hearts of fans, it is unlikely that they will use a map app with a theme.

Applications like Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze are created and maintained by entire teams and even then, sometimes, there are errors. It is doubtful that a designer can only create a legitimate map app.

However, the idea is interesting: create themes for map apps. Imagine that on Google Maps you could put a Dragon Ball theme or even movies, series and games? A kind of “skin” over the map to make it more visually interesting. What do you think? Or is it an unnecessary distraction? Tell us in the comments.

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