Deepoon M2 Pro virtual reality headset Review

EntertainmentBox is proud to introduce the all-new Deepoon M2 all-in-one VR headset 3D virtual reality glasses. With a 2k OLED screen with short visual stating and low Blu-ray, it is entirely harmless to your eyes. While giving high definition pictures and 360 degrees this three-dimensional space interactive system will provide totally immersive experience.

The headset is 2D and 3D Panorama optional and is zero to six hundred degrees short-sightedness adjustable. The Bluetooth V 4.0 wireless transmission and a built-in 3000mah rechargeable Li-polymer battery provide for long standby time. With 96 Degrees of super large fields of view this headset gives you a broad perspective. The all-new Deepoon M2 pro all-in-one headset will provide authentic virtual reality enjoyment.

This headset does not need a PC or a smartphone in order to use it. With its built-in screen and powerful Samsung Exynos 7420 processor the same processor used in the Galaxy S6 smartphone. The 2.5k Samsung screen gives you a crisp clear visual effect.

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About the Deepoon M2 Pro Vr Headset

The new Deepoon M2 pro all-in-one headset will provide authentic virtual reality enjoyment. The sharp silver coloured headset is flanked on the right side with a Trackpad for navigation through the system along with the power button and volume up and volume down buttons.

The left side of the headset has a cooling display and power supply on the other side of the headset there is a microphone as well as a slot for an SD card allowing for an added 128GB of memory in addition to the standard 32GB that comes with the headset.

The headphone jack allows for a 3D sound effect in a totally immersive experience. The top of the device includes a second microphone hole as well as a focus wheel so you can adjust the Deepoon M2 to perfectly align with your vision.

The VR headset has multiple lights that will display depending on the modes you are functioning in, including Bluetooth and battery life. The Deepoon M2 to has 5 high-end sensors including distance sensing, temperature sensing, gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer allowing for a fully interactive experience.

Unpacking the Deepoon m2 Pro 

In the box, you will find documentation and instructions written in English. Showing diagram and instructions helping you get up to speed quickly.

The first box contains a cleaning cloth for keeping your lens free of scratches and debris. The other side of the box contains the fully adjustable strap still be connected to your headset for comfortable gameplay.

The second smaller box has a black headset replacement cushion. Which simply attaches via Velcro to your headset keeping it from moving around during gameplay.

The third box has a standard USB power cable that can be used with any USB plug to charge the headset. Along with another USB that will allow for connection to a PC or another external device using the USB and the micro USB. For a fast charge of the battery which only needs 1.8 hours to fully charge

The final double in the box will have a set of stated earbud headphones. Complete with volume control in the microphone for use with the Depoon M2 Pro. Providing 3D sound effects in a fully immersive experience.

Navigate in this world you will not even notice the light wave 0.39 8 kg device you are wearing. Finally, we have a standard power adapter whether you are in the US, UK or EU.  You will get the appropriate power adaptor.

This standard USB adaptor can be used with any USB charging port. Including a plug socket or a different USB plug. Here we have all the box contact for the Deepoon M2 all-in-one VR headset 3D virtual reality glasses. Set up as quick and simple.

How to setup the Deepoon M2 pro

Set up as quick and simple.

  • First, we connect the strap to the headset. To connect the strap simply align the centre strap with the groove at the top of the headset. Gently press the clips in until it clicks into place. Avoid forcing the strap in, make sure to have the clip at the right angle in a clip in the place.
  • Once the strap is in place it will stay there and now we can put the side straps in place. Taking the side strap notice the two ends with Velcro tabs.
  • Take one end and feed the strap through the slot on the side of the headset. Looping through the attaching Velcro to secure.
  • Then feeding the other attached end in through the loop in the centre strap. Repeat the process by feeding the other end of the Velcro tab through the clip and attaching the Velcro to secure.
  • The Velcro can be fully adjusted from the top or from the other side for a snug comfortable fit on your head.
  • Then you will be able to use the focus wheel on the top of the Deepoon headset to ensure you get an amazing visual effect.

With its initiative adjustment, the headset will fit most people giving a comfortable fit and comfortable hand feel. The new Deepoon M2 pro all-in-one headset will give an authentic virtual reality enjoyment, Allowing for a fully interactive experience. Looking at the edge of the headset noticed had the first layer will peel away from the actual device. The device comes with the spare allowing you to replace them when they get old.

Deepoon M2 Pro VR Review

Looking into the headset this gives you a sense of the full array of controls you have available. The interactive experience cannot be duplicated in this video. And you have to be up close and personal to this virtual reality headset to fully experience the details of this high-resolution device. Notice how we look around to the Deepoon M2 pro headset. We have for display and we can look around the entire room experiencing a 3D environment.

But this is only the beginning, this view accesses your main dashboard. Using the small crosshair as you can select the next game or app you would like to load and start playing. By using the touchpad on the right-hand side of the Deepoon M2 pro. You have full control the move around the room in select exactly what kind of experience you’re in the mood for. Here you can see their 22.5GB of available memory space after multiple games have already been installed in this demonstration.

There are several games and apps that are pre-installed already including access to YouTube and Internet browser Google Play store and the Deepoon app store. There are many other platforms available for downloading virtual games at your fingertips. And do not worry you can also plug in an SD card to expand your space in the other 128GB and download even more games by downloading directly through the web browser.

Deepoon M2 Pro Gameplay

There are multiple games you can download including Mummy Hunter shown here where the Deepoon M2 locks you into a virtual world moving from room to room shooting at the Mummy’s. Shooting by tapping the touchpad on the right-hand side of the headset invokes and nervousness making your heartbeat rise like the scenes are real. This game is downloaded via the built-in Deepoon App Store which has a large number of apps to choose from. The Deepoon M2 experience provides excellent ergonomic design and great wearing experience for it user-friendly in an intuitive mastering. A clear and vivid display powerful performance in touch tap.

Deepoon Game store

Here in the Deepoon app store, you can see there is a great selection of virtual games. That you can easily download and play for hours of continuous adventuring and entertainment. The games download quickly and then install and you are ready to go so you can quickly jump into action. The Deepoon M2 Pro, when compared to many other virtual reality headsets, ranks as one of the best comfort, control, power and experience will keep you entertained for hours.


The clear 2K Samsung AMOLED LED display of 2560 x 1440 pixels high-quality HD resolution will provide you with vivid and sharp images. And makes the entire virtual world seem more real and thus more immersive. If you are looking for an all-in-one VR headset. The all-new Deepoon M2 pro is an amazing headset enhancing your virtual reality experience. You do not need any wires you don’t need a PC with this plug and play headset. You’ll be up and running in minutes. Existing ports will allow for expansion in the future for items like positioning systems. That allows you to track your movement, in hand gestures and other features to enhance your gameplay. Even more, this is the Deepoon M2 Pro virtual headset. SHOP NOW