Deadpool’s animatronic head: analysis and opinion

El Androide Feliz

I’m an avid fan of comics in general, and the Marvel universe in particular. I still have my first X-Force comics drawn by Rob Liefeld back in the 90s, although my favorite stage of Deadpool It is much more recent, when Rick Remender took over the head a little more than five years ago.

That said, my collection of mutant merchandise is pretty typical: some dolls, T-shirts, and video games (the ones that are worth it, like the Ultimate Alliance Activision and Marvel vs Capcom). However, last month I was finally able to find what I currently consider to be the crown jewel of my collection, one of the most bizarre objects you can throw at your face: deadpool animatronic head.

Deadpool’s head: a geek collectible item that will leave you “speechless”

The truth is that 2020 has been a disastrous year, but it has also had its bright little moments, like this so horny “toy” that Hasbro friends have pulled up their sleeves. But it is not the only one, since for some time now, in addition to Deadpool’s animatronic head, Hasbro has also released other similar items such as Iron Man’s electronic head or Luke Skywalker’s electronic X-Wing pilot helmet, all of them real size.


This Deadpool head chimichanguera, in addition to being made in scale to life size and having a considerable weight, has the following characteristics:

  • More than 600 different phrases.
  • Expressive facial movements.
  • Light, motion and sound sensors.
  • Remote control by installing a mobile app.

Basically it is a talking animatronic, with very successful finishes, and that can serve both as an exhibition and to play the odd joke on friends or family visits.

Analysis and usage options: Is it as good as it sounds?

Well … yes and no. It’s clear from the moment we take our heads out of the packaging that it’s all about a premium product. Both the fabric of the mask and the eyeballs show that they are of quality and could almost even pass as material used in the recording of Ryan Reynolds films. In this sense it is a true marvel and there is not much that we can object to. If we place it on a shelf or showcase, we will undoubtedly leave everyone with their mouths open.

But this is not a simple decoration object. The real spark of the head is in the “animatronic” section of the toy. Once we have inserted the corresponding 1.5V C alkaline batteries – the fat ones – that is when the magic begins. The toy has several sensors with which we can play jokes, such as putting the head in the bathroom at night and when someone enters Deadpool will release a witty phrase laughing at him. Or stick your head in the fridge and be scared when someone opens the fridge to get something. Besides that we can also create our custom jokes programming the sensors from the app.

From the mobile application you can also control Deadpool and choose the phrases we want to release at all times. The phrases and jokes available are endless: from greetings, through insults and all kinds of ravings typical of the character.

In essence, the entire interactive section of the doll can be used in two ways:

  • Simply turning on the power button, without connecting it to the app: this makes the head interact using the sound sensor. If someone speaks, Deadpool responds with one of his trademark phrases.
  • Synchronizing the head with the mobile app via Bluetooth: In this way we can control the head remotely, choose the phrases and program the jokes.

But here may be the great downside of the device for UK’s-speaking collectors and that is that all the phrases are in English. There are some phrases in Latin UK’s, although within the context of jokes made by the character in English. I think I have read somewhere that an update with phrases in UK’s is expected, although personally I would not hold much hope in this regard. The manufacturer has not commented on the matter and there is no official statement that makes us think about this possibility.


In any case, Deadpool’s interactive head is still a real treat for Marvel fans. It has a quality finish that looks really good on display, and the fact that it speaks, shakes its head and gestures is quite a hoot. Its price is not bad at all considering the materials and that it is an electronic device with mechanized parts.

This fun toy that would make Stan Lee himself cry has a price that usually usually ranges between 120 and 130 euros, although It is currently available on Amazon for € 112.62.

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