'Dark Mode' in Google Chrome will do what you wanted most!

'Dark Mode' in Google Chrome will do what you wanted most!

With the massive arrival of 'Dark Mode' to the most varied applications and services, there was always a detail that puzzled me. What would be the use of this mode in a browser if web pages were still incredibly white?

Google Chrome for Android answers my prayers. Revealing that in your implementation of 'Dark Mode' you will also be able to darken the pages you are visiting. This is an ambitious implementation, but according to the latest information, it will even happen.

Google chrome Dark Mode

Once again, the news was unveiled in a new publication on the Chromium Gerrit platform, where a new flag # enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode. The name turns out to reveal its main functionality, to darken the web contents.

Google Chrome for Android could offer the perfect 'Dark Mode' experience

There is no longer any doubt that implementing 'Dark Mode' is one of Google's top priorities this year. During the last months of 2018 we saw multiple company applications receiving native support for this popular 'night mode'.

Now, in early 2019, we have already confirmed that one of the highlights of the new Android Q will be a native 'Dark Mode'. That will change your entire interface, as well as all applications (even third party ones).

Google Chrome Dark ModeWith this new information about your browser. We then learn that implementing Dark Mode will not be limited to a cheap imitation of Private Mode. Where only the Google Chrome interface receives color palette changes.

Further, these new implementations will also be expanded to the version of Google Chrome for PC and Mac. Most likely, you will be able to test the new 'Dark Mode' in Chrome for Android from version 74 of Chrome Canary onwards.

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