Google has finally brought Dark Mode to Google Chat, its communication app for companies, belonging to the G Suite group. Since 2017, at its launch, the app has kept its design blank, both for Android and for iOS. That has now changed, for both operating systems.

In the official publication, Google says it is improving Google Chat for Android and iOS with support for the Dark Theme. Dark Mode is a popular feature, much in demand by users, according to Google, which is very true.

Google Chat interface with Dark Mode

If you use Google Chat, it is likely that Dark Mode is not yet active, as it is being launched globally. As soon as you receive an update, it is likely that this is the one that brings the Dark Theme, with the code 2020.06.28.321680887.

Regarding activation, you don’t need to go to the app’s settings, not least because Google Chat doesn’t have the Dark Mode option. Instead, the app will simply assume Dark Mode, if it is active on your operating system. Therefore, users of iOS 13 and Android 10 will be able to enjoy it immediately.

Advantages of Dark Mode

Dark Mode is very popular for two reasons: reduced eye strain and battery savings. By lowering the brightness and white tones of the interface, it becomes much easier to look at the screen in night environments, saving effort in the eyes of the user.

Regarding the battery, if you have an AMOLED or OLED screen, the pixels will turn off in the dark areas, saving a lot of battery.

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