We have already talked about the Renault City K-ZE and its fantastic price for the Asian market. It was also mentioned that the model would reach the European (and UK’s) market through the DACIA sub-brand and it seems that this is exactly what will happen.

Olivier Murguet, head of sales for the Renault group, said that in 2021 a DACIA model will arrive in Europe even cheaper than the next electric Twingo model.

DACIA’s electric car could be between 15 and 20 thousand Euros

Renault City K-ZE DACIA

Still nothing is certain, however, the DACIA car may be located at values ​​below 20 thousand euros. This is because the car that came out in Asia under the name Renault City K-ZE costs less than 10,000 euros.

As expected, Europe will suffer a little in the value of the car, but we do not think that its price can go up much more than that.

Renault City K-ZE DACIA

It only remains for us to know if this value will be without any type of battery rental. One way that Renault had to lower the price of the much-sold Renault Zoe.

This is the Renault City K-ZE, the future car from DACIA

Therefore, we can only know the vehicle. Rumors suggest that DACIA will not build any original model. That is, you will take the model of the Renault City K-ZE and give it a name of your choice.

The Renault City K-ZE is a simple car. Fully electric and with a range of approximately 270 kilometers, the car will have a maximum speed of “only” 105 km / h.

Hopefully more manufacturers will try to democratize the electric car segment. As much as many want to invest in this technology, we have to admit that it is not exactly an initial investment for all portfolios.

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