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Cybertruck has left a clone that is already on sale (and no, it does not come from AliExpress)

The Russian Cybertruck clone

The tesla car He left no one indifferent after his presentation. Its design so out of the norm caught the attention of own and strangers, generating articles and opinion columns on whether such a proposal can be considered attractive or not.

It goes without saying that this has led to the existence of a good number of detractors and also unconditional fans of the vehicle devised by Elon musk. There are some who consider that it is an aberration of the automobile world while others think that it is the first step of the cars of the future. Be that as it may, the noise generated by the Cybertruck It has been enough for someone to decide to build a clone … and put it up for sale, of course.

Cybertruck clone

Some Russian vloggers have been responsible for shaping this crazy project. Adapting a car Lada Samara (from Russian manufacturer Lada) have come to shape the car you can see on video. The body is constructed with sheets of metal and instead of glass, polycarbonate has been used. It has, by the way, manual transmission, front-wheel drive and has a 1.6-liter engine, according to its creators.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFrqIrCYOlM (/ embed)

In total 80,000 rubles (which are about 1,160 euros in exchange) were invested in the necessary arrangements to make it look and move like the imposing Tesla car. And, of course, now they plan to recover it, of course.

The Cybertruck clone is located on the Russian ad portal Avto.ru with a price of 666.6666 rubles (which come to be about 10 thousand euros to change). It has some mileage behind it, eye, so it is not a 100% new car: it has 130,000 kilometers in its records – in case you are considering the purchase, you know.

Tesla’s Cybertruck, a revolution

As we pointed at the beginning of this automobile purchase-sale announcement, Cybertruck has undoubtedly been a true revolution within the engine landscape

With a presentation event that was not without controversy – although we already explained at the time why the windows of the car really broke -, the Cybertruck left everyone with their mouths open.

There is still time until passers-by also hallucinate when walking on the street: the Cybertruck will not be available until 2021, when we should see at least 200 thousand units circulating on the roads. And that is the number of reservations that Tesla has registered so far, as Elon Musk has revealed, although it should also be noted that to make one you only have to pay 100 dollars.

Do you think we will see so many Cybertruck in less than two years? What do you think of Cybertruck? Are you one of those who love or hate him?

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