In this post, we are going to show you how to create a custom IFTTT applet or as some people call them IFTTT recipes. We live in an age where you can automate anything in your digital life. And things have now got a whole lot more interesting, with advancements in voice assistant Speakers and TV boxes. Now with a little help from a clever program called IFTTT, (If This Then That) you can create custom voice command to do almost anything. IFTTT is compatible with most Voice Assistants Including the Google Voice Assistant, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Android TV boxes, and the soon to be Apple HomePod. If you want to install a Google Voice assistant on a TV box see this guide. It’s possible to tell these Assistant speakers to do tasks that include switching off the lights or turning the heating up. This can all be setup using a Voice Assistant, so when it hears a certain phrase that you have pre-defined, a task will be performed. Easily create IFTTT recipes that will let you automate your lifeHere are 20 best OK Google voice commands.

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IFTTT have and app for Android and Apple,  download IFTTT App for Android or download IFTTT  App.  It’s easy to create a custom applet from within the apps, or you can use the website. both work very well. its possible to create an applet that will switch off the heating and lights when everyone has left the house. Or how about your heating switching on automatically when you are 20 minutes from home. it’s all possible with the IFTTT app.

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How to create a custom IFTTT recipe

Create a Service

  • First, create an account with IFTTT
  • Go to My Applets
  • Select New Applet
  • Create a new trigger and search Google Assistant
  • Connect IFTTT to your Google account
  • Create a new Simple phrase trigger
  • Add a phrase you would like to say (turn light off/turn up the heating)
  • Now add a response that the Google Home or TV box should say.

Create an action

  • Search for Hive, and select it
  • Now choose if you want to boost the heating or Switch on/off a hive light
  • Complete, the next time you say, “Ok Google (then your phrase)”, your Hive should instantly trigger.

Detailed guide on creating an IFTTT recipe

  • Make an account with IFTTT or sign in if you have an account
  • Navigate to My Applets and create a new Applet
  • Click on create a new trigger then do a search for Google Assistant. You will now need to give IFTTT access to use your Google Assistant.
  • Select A trigger, we are going to use Say a simple phrase 
  • Now add a phrase you would like to say. You can use anything you would like to say, in order to perform the action. (turn off the light, dim the lights, it’s cold, turn the heating up)
  • Also, add a response, this is what your Google Home or the Android TV box should say once the task is complete.
  • We have now completed the “this” part of the setup now to finish the “that” part.
  • Search for Hive active heating or Hive active lights, then select if you want to boost the heating or Switch on/off a hive light
  • Finished, the next time you say, “Ok Google (then your phrase)”, your Hive will instantly trigger.


Even if the Google Home or your Android TV box with Google Assistant, won’t work with your apps. IFTTT will come to the rescue. With the ability to create IFTTT recipes the world is your oyster when it comes to haveing a fully automated home.

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