Candy Crush to Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

The game has been developed by King, the creators of Candy crush, and raises a vertical design with continuous run to the Temple Run style. It is of course a system that goes like a finger ring in the style of Crash Bandicoot, especially if we remember the first level of the original PlayStation Crash Bandicoot.

The title is currently unofficial, however, it has been made known through advertising channels launched in Brazil, where King usually does the first tests of his games. Through Facebook, The company has been promoting a series of surveys in Brazil that pointed to a mobile version of Crash Bandicoot.

In Crashynews They decided to investigate more about it, and discovered that the game existed, or at least the name, being able to see later some captures of it through the information sheet of the store. In these screenshots you can see how the game will feature the classic vertical perspective of the games endless runner (similar to Temple Run or Sonic Dash).

This Crash Bandicoot would be the return of the marsupial to mobile phones since the launch of Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 on iOS, and considering that the development is in King’s hand, there is no doubt that the game will be of quality, tremendously addictive and which will have purchases within the application to remove the rooms to users.

When will it be available for download?

For now, we must be patient, as it seems that the game will not be ready until the end of the year. These first tests serve to probe the terrain, but the official launch of the application will not be until in a few months, so do not expect to be running at full speed to hunt down Neo Cortex.