Crackdown 3 is synonymous with fun, but it can still improve a lot!

Crackdown 3 is synonymous with fun, but it can still improve a lot!

Crackdown 3 has become over the years one of Microsoft's most anticipated exclusive games. Especially after being announced in 2014 and missing its original release date in 2016.

In a nutshell, Crackdown 3 is an action game where you will spend hours in frantic battles. Fighting the complex criminal networks of corporate mega 'Newfoundland'. Your main goal as a 'super agent' is to destroy this criminal network that is destroying your city, 'New Providence'.

Crackdown 3 microsoft xbox one

This is the perfect game for those looking for a lot of action and a mission type that doesn't require much strategic planning. In essence, missions boil down to decimating battalions of criminals and robots, or blowing up buildings crucial to the 'Newfoundland'.

An action-packed third-person adventure with a well-known face!

Before you get launched in the giant city of 'New Providence' you'll need to choose your character of choice. Among the various options, you'll have the main character Jaxon, who is 'played' by popular actor Terry Crews.

One of the most important nuances of Crackdown 3 is the evolution of your character. From the beginning of the game you will need to find and accumulate points that will allow you to improve your character's abilities. Besides these skill points scattered throughout the map, you'll also earn points as you reclaim territories to 'Newfoundland'.

You will be able to decide how you want to progress in the game, and all your options will dictate the level of difficulty to accomplish the objectives. On the map you will easily see which primary / secondary objectives are available. You can risk jumping straight into the primaries to advance faster in the game. However, if you choose to complete all the secondary ones first, you will be able to make your character much stronger.

Crackdown 3 microsoft xbox one

An interesting combat experience that can still be improved!

As I mentioned, much of the Crackdown 3 gaming experience goes through hours of frantic battles against the various elements of 'Newfoundland'. They therefore opted for the implementation of a mechanism lock-on when it comes time to 'hand out shots' in all directions.

Although it is a right choice, the mechanism lock-on proved to be inaccurate in many situations, making the combat experience less enjoyable than expected.

This is probably the only highlight that I found during my Crackdown 3 combat experience. You'll be able to select up to 3 weapons at once (plus one gadget), allowing you to carry a versatile arsenal of all types. Mission

The evolution in the quality of weapons and powers is quite interesting. At first, all of the character's weapons and abilities are quite basic. However, more than enough to exterminate the threat of your enemies. As you gain access to new powers and more powerful weapons. You will also realize that your enemies arrive in overwhelming amounts.

Crackdown 3 microsoft xbox one

Graphics that will surely conquer millions of players

If you're a fan of realistic games that make it hard to tell a movie apart, Crackdown 3 is not for you. Just as expected, it comes with cartoon style graphics. Loaded with details that can transport the player into the complex city of 'New Providence'.

Another factor that makes Crackdown 3 very interesting is the virtually infinite possibility of interaction with the world around us. There are so many possibilities for interaction with the 'environment'. It will be hard to find something you can't use as a throwing weapon or use in your battle strategies.

Finally, a wise choice was also vehicle driving mechanics. By opting for a more 'Arcadian', make vehicles the perfect way to get around the city.

Crackdown 3 microsoft xbox one

Crackdown 3 – Final Conclusions, Price and Availability

Although this is not my favorite style of play, I admit it has guaranteed me several hours of fun. The fact that if you want to spend hours on end destroying everything in front of you, makes Crackdown 3 an exciting 'stress relieving' game.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to try Wrecking Zone mode yet, an online mode that is sure to be very interesting. Especially thanks to the 'destructiveness' of the entire map, giving players unlimited options for attack and evasion.

I recommend Without a doubt Crackdown 3 for fans of action packed games! Even more, if you already have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you really have to try this game.

Crackdown 3 will be available tomorrow for € 69.99 (Xbox One and Windows 10 PC). What's more, it will be from the launch day included with the Xbox Game Pass subscription service (€ 9.99 / month). New users can enjoy the service for only 1 € in the first month.

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