Covid-19: this SUPER slow motion video shows the (huge) importance of masks

Covid-19 mask importance video

We are in a problematic situation. The Covid-19 pandemic is increasingly intense in UK (and in the world) and the government is already talking about the mandatory use of facial masks in our country.

So, before we start the demonstrations in favor of not using the masks, let’s realize its importance in this super slow motion video made by the well-known YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys.

The importance of masks in the fight against Covid-19

Although the video is in English (you can activate subtitles in the settings), we were able to clearly understand the importance of masks in the fight against Covid-19.

The well-known Gavin Free did a brief experiment in front of a camera capable of recording in 4K at 1000fps. That is, something that normally our eyes cannot see.

Covid-19 mask importance video

Initially we see Gavin counting as normal to 4 (in English). The word “Four” (for 4 in English) is one of which we see as the most worrying. Because, even though we can’t see with the naked eye, we realize that the amount of saliva that comes out of the mouth is large.

The well-known Dr. Fauci (Director of the National Institutes of Health) says that more than 40% of people with Covid-19 have no symptoms. In other words, it is important that ALL people use a mask so as not to spread a virus that we cannot see.

In short, it is time to realize that the country (certainly) will not be able to stop as it did in the past. However, it is in all UK’s people to try to control the virus in the best possible way. Therefore, wash your hands constantly, keep your social distance and use the face protection mask.

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