Google has announced that it will make donations to a non-profit organization that will help combat misinformation about the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19. The company reinforced the importance of transmitting correct information. As such, Google will donate $ 6.5 million collectively.

Some of the organizations that will take advantage of these funds are the American First Draft and CrossCheck. These organizations are dedicated to training journalists in the best way, so that they learn to do research and not create false news.

However, Google donations are not just for American organizations. About 20 organizations in Europe will also receive donations, more specifically in countries most affected by COVID-19 such as Italy, Spain and France.

Google contributes not only with monetary donations

In addition to donations, Google is working to make the search engine and search filters effective in detecting fake news about COVID-19. The goal, according to Google, is to give information to the user quickly, but accurately.

There is no shortage of research on the coronavirus by people who are curious and frightened by the situation. This creates an opening for hyped newspapers to exploit public panic and ignorance to sell news and earn revenue.

In addition, there are individuals selling products like masks and gloves at absurd prices, something that Facebook has also been fighting on its Facebook Marketplace. Most technology companies are doing what they can to combat misinformation. Google began by banning ads related to product sales.

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