Since the spread of Coronavirus took on global levels and ended up being considered a pandemic, conspiracy theories have been more than many. One involves the new 5G networks, being irrationally accused of facilitating the spread of the virus.

According to information advanced by The Guardian, operator EE’s 5G towers have been set on fire by members of “anti-5G” groups that have been created over the past few months. These groups believe that 5G networks are responsible for the spread of COVID-19, totally false facts that have already been demystified by countless experts.

5G conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories against 5G networks can have serious consequences

In addition to several 5G infrastructures having been vandalized on the basis of these theories, several infrastructures that are in no way related to 5G networks were also damaged. “Anti-5G” groups on Facebook are responsible for spreading fake news for thousands of users, causing serious misinformation problems.

On several occasions, employees of mobile operators have even been threatened and confronted by users, accused of “killing people” for spreading the virus. As you can see in the video below, public ignorance can be so serious that a simple employee is accused of being a “killer” simply because he is doing his job, which is to install a fiber optic line.

These theories ended up gaining even more prominence when several public figures in the UK decided to share their “mental diarrhea” live to millions of people through television channels and radio stations.

Unfortunately, it looks like it will take some time before we can “wipe out” these groups and educate everyone about the possible impacts of 5G networks, which are certainly not meant to help spread viruses and bacteria.

The Director of the British National Health Service published an official statement in which he categorized these actions as “just meaningless, dangerously meaningless”. Stephen Powis goes even further and accuses these people of being responsible for the destruction of infrastructure that can really play an important role in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

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