Could Sony VAIO have been the perfect smartphone for productivity?


Over the past few weeks we have come to know some very interesting Sony smartphones that never saw the light of day. After the Xperia Play 2, which could have revolutionized the gaming world on smartphones in 2010, now it is the turn of the Sony Ericsson VAIO.

The images published by XDA Developers show us for the first time the smartphone that was almost launched before the separation of Sony and VAIO. This smartphone could have been extremely innovative, being the only one to arrive equipped with a keyboard full size.


In line with the design standards of the time, it featured a 5.5 “inch screen with giant margins and three physical buttons at the bottom (menu, home and back)

Sony VAIO could inspire brands to now launch the perfect smartphone for work

Over the years, we have seen many smartphones come to the market equipped with physical keyboards. However, its extremely compact dimensions and small dimensions of the keys, end up considerably limiting its performance in terms of productivity.

In this case, the Sony VAIO could be the perfect tool for work, since it would arrive equipped with a QWERTY keyboard full size integrated. Furthermore, this keyboard was accessible via a two-phase sliding mechanism, which placed the screen at an ideal angle for working.

Sony VAIO keyboard

Although it was never released on the market, there is no doubt that this Sony VAIO was far ahead in time when compared to smartphones at the time.

It would be very interesting to see this Sony VAIO inspire today’s big brands (or even Sony) to launch a smartphone with this design. If we consider the great advances in screen technology that would allow us to eliminate those huge margins and all the new features of Android, it would be seen as a real work tool.

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