The already popularized Coronavirus continues to desolate practically all regions of China, having already registered a total of 8,124 cases and 171 fatalities.

Considering the great impact on Chinese territory, it has now been confirmed that the various e-Sports events scheduled for the month of February have been canceled.

Coronavirus gaming e-sports

February e-Sport events that have been canceled

  • Overwatch matches (February and March)
  • League of Legends championship opening ceremony
  • Pokémon Video Game Championship
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive WESG Asia-Pacific Finals

So far, these have been events that have been officially canceled, and it is possible that the list will grow over the next few days. For now, only events to be held in China have been affected, but this scenario could change.

E-Sports events bring together thousands of participants from all over the world in one place, which exponentially increases the possibility of spreading the virus globally.

Therefore, it would not be surprising if international events also ended up being postponed indefinitely. I recall that despite the great risks, major events such as MWC 2020 have kept their dates unchanged.

World Health Organization has already shown great concern

After several Chinese cities were quarantined, the World Health Organization has already expressed its concern about the spread of the virus.

It has not yet reached the point of being considered a “global state of emergency”, but it may not be long.

So far, Coronavirus has spread to a total of 15 countries, including some in Europe (France, Germany and Finland). Even more alarming is the fact that there have already been several cases of transmission between people who have not visited China recently.

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