The recent Coronavirus outbreak is an increasingly global threat, which has led many people to start wearing masks as a method of prevention. However, this means that users of iPhone X and above have to remove their mask whenever they want to unlock their smartphone.

To try to solve this inconvenience, a company decided to develop N95 masks compatible with Apple’s Face ID. Everything so that you can unlock your iPhone without having to remove the mask every time.

Part of your face will be printed on the mask

The company that developed this product asks everyone to choose the same one to send you a photo. This is so that you can print on the mask the lower part of our face that will be covered.

After uploading your face, we use computer mapping to convert your facial features into an image printed on the surface of N95 surgical masks, without distortion. Our printer uses inks made from natural dyes. It is non-toxic and does not affect breathability. You can use your mask in everyday life as a barrier to droplets of particles in the air.

Without going into great detail, the company claims that its masks will be compatible with Face ID technology. There is still nothing to prove the veracity of these statements.

We have seen several times that it is not easy to deceive Face ID. This technology makes a 3D mapping of our face for authentication, whereas many solutions present in the Android world use only the smartphone’s front camera.

Each copy will cost 40 dollars

This will be the amount you will have to spend for each copy of this type of mask. Naturally, these masks supposedly compatible with Face ID will be more expensive than the conventional ones you can buy at a pharmacy.

There is still no set date for these masks to start shipping. The company says that this will not happen as long as there is a shortage of these products worldwide.

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