Earlier this month, one of the Diamond Princess cruises had a confirmed case of Coronavirus, eventually being quarantined off the coast of Japan. Since then, authorities have continued to struggle to come up with a plan to resolve the complicated situation on the cruise. .

So far, one of the measures put in place has been the distribution of 2,000 iPhones to passengers. Although it may seem like a peculiar action, the explanation is quite simple. The Japanese Ministry of Health has an application that allows patients to communicate directly with doctors.

Coronavirus cruise apple iphone

Therefore, all iPhones available have this application pre-installed, in order to considerably facilitate communication between passengers and doctors, avoiding unnecessary direct contacts.

The big question is, why iPhones and not any other Android smartphone?

According to the iMore website, the government’s initial plan was to provide any Android smartphone to passengers, which was guaranteed to be cheaper than an Apple product. However, for logistical reasons, they had to “open the purse strings”.

Apparently, passengers who did not have a Google account registered in Japanese territory, would not be able to download the application in question. Obviously it would be possible to create an account for each user, but clearly the government preferred to save time, instead of money.

Apple iPhone Cruise

Some passengers have already started to abandon the ship

As NBC News said, some passengers have already started to be evacuated from the cruise, more specifically people over 80, medical conditions and rooms without a window. However, they are all being relocated to a base that is also quarantined. Passengers must stay on this base at least until next February 19th.

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