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Control your Fire TV with Alexa and change the user experience

How to control your Fire TV with Alexa

The new Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube can be controlled via Alexa. What’s more, removing the most basic model, these even include support through the remote control. Thus, through the included microphone button, you can activate the assistant to execute the command you want.

However, there is a much more interesting and efficient way to use Alexa to control the television. It is about using a device with Alexa that you have nearby. Thanks to this and the new improvements introduced by Amazon in the hands-free mode of the Fire TV you will not have to use any physical button.

To achieve this control or hands-free mode of Alexa, all you have to do is meet some minimum requirements and follow a few simple steps. The requirements, as we have already told you, are to have a Fire TV or television with the Fire TV operating system installed and an Alexa-compatible device nearby. For example, a third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is a very good option and quite inexpensive.

Fire TV Alexa remote control

Once you have all this, stop pair your Fire TV to a speaker with Alexa You can ask her to pair both devices using the voice command “Alexa, pair my device to the Fire TV” or use the Alexa web or app. If you opt for this second option, the process is as you can see below:

  1. Access the Alexa application on your smartphone or the web alexa.amazon.com
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Now go to the TV and Video section
  4. Once inside, look for the Fire TV Skill
  5. Now you just have to click on Pair my Alexa device
  6. Select your Fire TV device that you want to link
  7. Ready

From now on you can start use your speaker with Alexa as a Fire TV control. The only thing you have to know now is what commands you can use for such an action. On the Amazon support page you can find several such as “Alexa, play the movie” “Alexa, play” “Alexa, pause”, etc. You can even turn on and off televisions that have a built-in Fire TV.

Of course, this may not be new to you, because in part it could be done before. But don’t worry, because new functions will arrive shortly.

Amazon improves control of Fire TV with Alexa

Amazon’s work with Alexa remains enviable. As much as there are those who insist on saying otherwise. Both for the number of skills that are added and the way in which the assistant interacts with us, contributing for him is worth it.

One of the latest developments is related to Alexa hands-free mode and control of Fire TV devices. Amazon is rolling out a series of features that will allow you to enjoy the most popular Alexa skills and experiences, including visual experiences.

For example, once we have paired a Fire TV and an Alexa device, you can ask things like “Alexa, show me the weather” and the assistant will show you the forecast for the next seven days on the screen. If you have other services such as calendar, shopping list, etc., configured, they will also be shown on the TV and you will not only hear them as you are likely to do so far.

Of course it is not there, this improved viewing experience also allows you control the Fire TV interface by using voice commands and numbers with which to select the items that appear on the screen. Again, say “Alexa, show action movies” and then you can say something like “Alexa, select the number 3” and it will select the item corresponding to that number that is being displayed on the screen.


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