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Control the temperature at home with these smart thermostats

What is a smart thermostat and what is it for?

Normally the heating of our houses, whether electric, gas or water, usually have two fundamental elements:

  • Boiler: is the place where heat generation occurs using different techniques and fuels.
  • Thermostat: it is the element, which is normally a small console that is installed on the wall, which will serve as a control to manage the different functions of the heating system. We can turn it off, turn it on, regulate the temperature or, for example, program it to activate at certain times. The disadvantage of this last function is found when we do not always arrive home at the same time.

The best thing about having an intelligent version as a thermostat is that, depending on the model, we can perform different actions with this through our phone. Although now we will see some of them in more detail, the best without a doubt is being able to turn off and turn on the heating from anywhere while away from home.

Details before buying a smart thermostats

Now that we know well what it is and what the function of the thermostat is, let’s see the different details to consider before buying one of these devices. If we want to acquire an option that adapts well to our needs, we should take into account the following:

  • Thermostat type: we could classify these elements by different characteristics, but the most common is to divide them into fixed or wireless. While the “connected” model would be attached to the wall like “classic” thermostats, the cordless would give us the ability to move it around the house and continue to work. The latter is usually connected to a bridge that we must connect to our installation via radio frequency.
  • Compatibility with your heating: this is perhaps the most important detail of all. It is useless for us to buy the best or most expensive thermostats if it is compatible with gas installations and our heating is electric. Therefore, it is essential that you take a good look at what type of installations you can use this equipment before buying it.

  • Installation: This feature depends more on you than on the team itself. Some thermostats have an extremely simple installation that consists of removing the old model, grabbing the two wires that come out of it and connecting them to the new model. However, in others, the manufacturer himself recommends that we contact a professional for installation. So if you’re a very “handyman” person, go ahead with most models. If not, think about contacting someone more suitable to do so.
  • Home automation: Although this may be an additional feature, it is interesting that the model you choose integrates correctly with your home automation. Check the assistants with which this is compatible, which can be Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, and then choose the one that best suits what you need.

Best smart thermostats

Now that you know all about these devices responsible for controlling the temperature of your home, it is time for you to decide on a model to take home. To facilitate your search among all the available possibilities, we have made a list with some of the best options on the market.

Hualans Thermostat

This model of Hulans It is the cheapest of this collection, with a price below 50 euros. It is compatible with gas or water boilers, and its connectivity is through Wi-Fi with the 2.4 GHz band. It has a touch panel to control the different characteristics through it or, of course, its own app to manage it from the smartphone. It has several programmable modes and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

MoesGo Thermostat

Continuing with economic versions, we have the bet of MoesGo which, again, stays below 50 euros. It greatly resembles the previous model in both design and function. But, the main difference is that it is compatible with electric heating systems.

Honeywell Home

Another interesting option, although already at a higher price, is the Honeywell Home. A smart thermostat compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, so we can control it from any smartphone. It has a touch panel for quick control and, of course, its own app to manage it remotely. It has the option of geofencing, which detects our GPS location so that our house is at a comfortable temperature when we arrive. A model that, according to the manufacturer, is very easy to install and use.

tado ° Smart Thermostat

The following is the company option tado °. This model is compatible with all heating systems, except the electric one. It is a very minimalist option that will show us both the indoor and outdoor temperatures and the quality of the air around us. It is compatible with any of the smart assistants on the market.

Netatmo NTH01-ES-EC

We now come to a model from one of the best known companies for home automation. Its about Netatmo NTH01-ES-EC, a smart thermostat very easy to install (you can check the video that we leave a little above) and use. It has a function that takes into account the outside temperature to adapt that of our home and that the feeling when entering is the most appropriate. It also has an expansion kit with valves for the radiators, with which we can better control the temperature in each room. This is compatible with most boilers of any type.

Somfy Thermostat Connected

The kind of Somfy takes external controls a step further to enhance our experience at home. It will not only take into account the temperature, but also the humidity of the environment to adapt to it and carry out better control. It will give us recommendations so that our energy consumption is lower. It has the geolocation system to control the heating without having to worry about it when we get home. It has a remote control app and compatibility with Google Home and Alexa.

Nest Learning thermostat

Nest is perhaps the best known company in the smart thermostat market. This model is called Learning, which is compatible with most heating and cooling models and systems. It has a good number of functions and characteristics to adapt the temperature of our house at all times. The only “drawback” of this model is that the manufacturer himself recommends consulting an expert for assembly.

These are some of the best smart thermostats that you can find in the market. Now you decide if you can master the heating of the house in time, because Game of Thrones already said “winter is coming”.

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