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Control arrives on Nintendo Switch and premieres the game in streaming

Nintendo starts betting on cloud gaming

Nintendo has never clearly commented on whether or not they would bet on cloud gaming at some point. It is true that in Japan there have been titles that took advantage of this technology, but there was never a statement about the possibility of launching something similar in the West.

Now, after the last Nintendo Direct held by the company, it seems that all this is going to change. And it is that its new release, a very special version of Control and another that is expected later on Hitman 3, gives a good clue of what the game in the cloud could mean within the portable platform.

Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version is the name of this new version for Nintendo Switch of one of the adventures that made the most noise during 2019. And yes, as you may already be intuiting from the name, it is a title that you can play thanks to streaming game technology .

If you have an internet connection, then you can play Control on Nintendo Switch and enjoy important improvements that could open a new market for Nintendo itself and a world of possibilities for players, who could enjoy more complex and higher quality titles graphics as it is not limited by device hardware.

And that is one of the important implications of this announcement, which by the way will not be the only one since a version of Hitman 3 will also arrive that will use this same cloud gaming technology.

Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version is now available in the Nintendo eShop. The price of the game is 39.99 euros, but you can test for two sessions of 10 minutes each how it is performing on your own Nintendo Switch and with your internet connection at home. This is how you value the experience first and you decide whether or not it is what you expected.

Nintendo Switch Pro, with 5g connectivity?

With this launch of Control in its Cloud version and the announcement of Hitman 3 also taking advantage of the same transmission technology, the rumor of an upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro makes much more sense if one of its novelties is related to the inclusion of a 5G chip.

Giving the Nintendo laptop an internet connection without having to depend on a WiFi network plus these titles via streaming would be a revolution for the company. And it would not mean ending the games it offers right now, in the same way that neither PS5 nor the new Xbox Series X and S will, but being able to have these proposals with graphics that until now were only available to more powerful hardware would be super attractive.

Of course, all this of a Switch Pro is nothing more than speculation and rumors until Nintendo confirms anything, but it would be the ideal dream of each and every one of the current owners of a Switch: power enjoy the classic Nintendo catalog and many others games with top graphic quality.

If to top it all, it also accepts an xCloud application, that would be the bomb, although that will be more complicated. But for now, let’s hope the reception is good and both Nintendo and the developers are encouraged by more proposals of this style.


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