In yet another event of the technological and trade conflict between China and the United States, Donald Trump issued an order prohibiting transactions made on WeChat by American companies. This ban will take effect on September 20.

Given the recent history of the American government, Trump may eventually issue a ban that would force American companies to abandon WeChat from their equipment, or ban the app from operating in the United States at all.

It goes without saying that Apple would have to remove WeChat from the American App Store. But without the possibility of operating in the United States, several companies would no longer be able to communicate with their Chinese customers.


If WeChat leaves the App Store, Apple will suffer

According to the famous market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has a lot to lose if WeChat is removed from the app store. In fact, it can lose up to 30% in equipment sales, says the analyst.

“WeChat is a core app for Chinese users as it integrates messaging, payments, online commerce, news readings and productivity functions. IPhone sales in China will simply stagnate if WeChat is removed. As a result, sales of iPads, AirPods, Apple Watch and Mac will suffer as well.

This is Ming-Chi Kuo’s sinister prediction. We remember that WeChat is the largest communication app in China, used in all kinds of functions with the smartphone. It would be like eliminating WhatsApp from the Play Store or App Store, but with an even deeper impact in the case of WeChat.

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