Confirmed: Motorola will launch a new smartphone in Brazil

Confirmed: Motorola will launch a new smartphone in Brazil
Motorolala Invitation

Motorola has been talking about lately. The company is increasingly dynamic and focused on the market. mobile and the last example of this brings us to a trip to Brazil.

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True, Brazil is a very important country, and well, for Motorola. After all, the company has about 30% market share in this country – a truly extraordinary number today. Thus, Motorola has already sent invitations to the Hello Moto event, which will take place on June 21st.

To the extent that Motorola, according to the rumors, has such a large number of smartphones to launch, the one that will actually be presented at this event is a complete unknown. We will be able to see both the Moto E4 Plus officialization – with its huge 5000mAh battery – and the chance to watch a Moto X4 or Moto Z2 presentation – something less likely.

In any case, the presented terminal will be a huge surprise for everyone and, for technology fans, a spectacular moment. In addition, and I stress once again, this is an event that will take place in Brazil, which reflects the importance of the country for the brand. Incidentally, Motorola should thank you and all the Brazilian people because your G line has had the success we all know.

Another Motorola that will be presented in Brazil!

So, eleven days away, we now have to wait for new rumors or for Hello Moto, which will take place at 7 pm, theoretically Brasilia time – so it will be 23 hours in mainland UK.

We have to wait a little longer. It will be difficult, I know, but it will be worth it for sure.

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