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Confirmed! Huawei P40 will revolutionize smartphone batteries

After talking about a rumor a few days ago, here comes information coming back to us that the Huawei P40 may even become the world’s first graphene battery smartphone.

According to some media outlets such as PhoneArena, Huawei France’s Twitter account will have published that confirms this rumor. The tweet in question was immediately deleted, but ‘once on the internet, forever on the internet’.

Huawei France will have confirmed graphene battery in Huawei P40

The truth is that we are not French experts, but the words ‘batterie’ and ‘graphene’ are immediately apparent. In the alleged publication it was written, “Huawei’s next flagship P40 will have a graphene battery.”

Huawei France even welcomes the publication as the first company to bring a high-end graphene battery to market. Moreover, it is also visible that the device will charge its battery from 0 to 100% in 45 minutes.

We have reservations about the truth of this tweet, but if it has been shared, it is certain that Huawei will once again be at the forefront of innovation. And given that it has been written that the P40 Pro will have a 5000mAh battery, using a graphene battery will also allow it to take up 30% less space than a lithium battery.

The advantages of graphene

Graphene is seen as a revolutionary material in the battery segment. It promises significantly faster charges, longer battery life and even less battery space.

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