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Confirmed Apple event day and new iPhones! What to expect!

It was finally revealed by Apple that the new iPhones will be unveiled on September 10th. Previous information predicted that the event would take place on this day and Apple did not disappoint.

It's been just over a week, so nothing better than realizing what to expect from the event where Tim Cook will take the stage. New iPhones are guaranteed, but will we have other gadgets? Let's do it by steps.

Apple iPhone 11
Image of Apple event, added iPhones and Apple Watch in edit

iPhone 11

The new Apple iPhone 11 should arrive with this name. However, this model will be the successor of the iPhone Xr. That is, we will have two more models that will have names slightly different from normal. Mainly for Apple. According to the information, the nomenclature of the new iPhones will be:

  • iPhone 11 (successor of iPhone Xr)
  • iPhone 11 Pro (successor to iPhone Xs)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max (successor to iPhone Xs Max)

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max should be the models that will most implement technology. So the one that should have a friendlier price but a significant cut in features will be the iPhone 11. Exactly the same as the iPhone Xr.

Apple iPhone 11

Therefore, the differences between iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max for the "normal" iPhone 11 will be the screen and the cameras. If the rumors are right, models named "Pro" will bring an AMOLED technology screen and 3 rear cameras. The other model will have an LCD screen and 2 rear cameras. The wide angle will also be reserved for Pro models.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple watch

Tim Cook is also expected to talk about his new smart watch. Apple Watch dominates the wearable market for good reason. The new Apple Watch Series 5 should also be officially unveiled. Unfortunately the information does not reveal much about the new equipment.

A wireless charger for multiple devices

Apple AirPower

Who remembers AirPower? The Apple Wireless Charger that was unveiled with the iPhone X and never came out? Well, it may be that this is for once. Two years have gone by and it seems that Apple has discovered the secret to its charger. We will see to what extent this can be true.

Services and more services

Also expect to hear more in the presentation about your services. Be it Apple Music, Apple Arcade or even the new Apple News +.

In short, the Apple event is unlikely to come as a surprise, especially since we are due to have an October event for computers and iPads. Let's just hope that Apple doesn't disappoint in September!

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