Color your games and enjoy a more immersive experience

Color your games and enjoy a more immersive experience

The advantages of RGB lighting to create atmosphere

When you acquire your first smart light and begin to see all the possibilities it offers, there is no turning back. Because it is not only a matter of being able to control the on and off through a smartphone application, nor even being able to create routines or other types of automation. The great attraction is to see how this type of lighting solutions can improve our user experience depending on the activity we are going to carry out.

In other words, having the versatility of being able to enjoy a well-lit environment when we want to study or carry out any other activity that requires concentration and, in turn, a more relaxed one when we want to read, watch a movie, series or simply play video games is great.

Therefore, seeing that leisure is something important in our day to day, why not see what options are there to achieve a better lighting environment and even with immersive capabilities that help us improve the experience. And if we can do this in a dynamic way, better still.

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Philips Hue Play Box Sync

When it comes to smart lighting it is practically impossible not to talk about Philips products. With its range of solutions Philips Hue offers a wide range of possibilities ranging from RGB bulbs to LED strips and almost all kinds of lamps, etc.

However, within the entire Philips Hue product catalog there are two solutions that are ideal for achieving a better atmosphere when enjoying all kinds of content, whether it is video or even just audio.

The first one is Philips Hue Sync, an application available for Windows and Mac that allows you to synchronize the content that is played on these computers with the different lights that you want to use. For example, if it is in your room, you can indicate that the light on the desk, the LED strip and the ceiling light are synchronized when showing a video, playing music or playing video games.

Depending on the number of lights you configure and the settings you establish, the experience will be much richer, so it all depends on how much you want to invest or not in products of the brand.

The second option is the most attractive of all, although it has the great disadvantage that it involves a much higher investment. And it is about using the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, a box capable of analyzing any video signal and thus synchronizing the different connected lights according to the image shown.

In this way what we are really going to achieve is to have an Ambilight system on any screen if in addition to bulbs or other lamps it is combined with the LED strips that would be placed behind the television, monitor, etc. In addition, since it can be used with any video source you are not limited to the computer and you can take advantage of it with a console such as the new Xbox or Playstation.

Regarding its use and configuration, it is practically identical to that of the Hue Sync app. You establish which lights are going to be used, period.

NZXT Hue 2

Assuming you are not interested in betting on this Philips solution, the other great alternative is the one proposed by NZXT with its Hue 2. This is something similar to that aforementioned Philips box and also to what the app offers in part, because we have a small box that will control a series of LED strips that are placed behind the screen, but it also requires an application that, at the moment, is available for Windows computers.

Still, the great advantage of these NZXT Hue 2 is that its price is much more attractive when compared with the necessary investment proposed by other brands. Not to mention that the experience is also somewhat richer because it can dynamically adapt the colors of each of the parts of said LED strips according to the image on the screen.

This is the ideal option for gamers whose main gaming platform remains or is exclusively the PC. For a price that is between 60 and 90 euros according to offers You shouldn’t even think about it a lot and try them, because surely you won’t regret it if you’re looking for a more immersive experience.

Corsair iCUE

Another option very similar to that of NZXT is that of Corsair, its iCUE series offers a solution that again through LED strips is able to synchronize the image shown by the computer. In this way, the entire rear is adjusted in terms of tone and intensity to offer a much more immersive experience.

There are different ready, which differ in the length of the strips. Although you can always opt for the most basic and expand as you need it with the expansion kits. At the beginning you have two strips of 27 LEDs for the upper and lower part of the monitor and two of 15 LEDs for the sides.

Taking into account that Corsair offers another series of accessories with which, thanks to its software, they can also be integrated into this light synchronization, the experience can become quite a party and an attractive way to live your games in a completely different way.

Other ways to achieve dynamic lighting

These are the three most attractive options when it comes to achieving a lighting system that is capable of adapting to content in a dynamic way, although they are not the only ones. There are also cheaper solutions that depending on the level of demand you have, you might be more or less interested. Because sometimes, to achieve synchronization, they need to use an application installed on your mobile phone and the microphone together to be able to analyze, for example, the music that is playing.

Some of these alternatives are:

  • Bonve Pet RGB LED strips: they offer 10 m in length and a mobile app for their control and other additional uses and they cost no more than 30 euros
  • ZetHot RGB LED Strips – Similar to the above, but with a shorter distance. Here you only have 3.5 m, enough if it is to place behind a screen or monitor. And it has an app for the same extra synchronization options depending on the music that is playing

As you can imagine, if you are only looking to create somewhat different lighting, they are an attractive option mainly due to price. However, if what you are looking for is a better immersive experience, then it is the previous proposals that you should consider.



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