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Apple really believes in its computers with its processors

Apple officially revealed some time ago that it is about to launch its processors for computers....

Do you have a new Samsung SmartTV? You’ll have a Google surprise for you!

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Detective on Instagram: learn how to detect fake accounts

Tricks to detect accounts fake On Instagram These kinds of people who create a Fake profile within social networks you can for many reasons: You...

KenXinDa W1 Bluetooth Watch Phone

KENXINDA W1 BLUETOOTH WATCH PHONE, DUAL SIM, CAMERA, SLIDE OUT KEYBOARD In our times we need gadgets that will do many things for us. Even...

Cold War will have zombies on PlayStation for a year exclusively

New Cold War zombies

Zombies Onslaught Cold War

The zombies mode is already a classic in Call of duty, to the point that not including it is a real drama for many players, so as you can understand, that it only reaches one platform will only make all those who cannot play it even more angry.

Zombies Onslaught Cold War

That’s what will happen with Zombies Onslaught, a new zombie mode that will include Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and that will allow you to enjoy the undead in multiplayer maps, but in a rather special way. They will be cooperative games between two players, and the company assures that it will be a completely brutal experience.

Waves of zombies

Zombies Onslaught Cold War

The idea is that once deployed in a part of the map and armed with the configuration we prefer, we will have to withstand waves of zombies while we are locked in a section of the map protected by a supernatural force created by an orb. This orb will serve to protect us from a dark matter that invades the map, and as we kill the zombies, the power of the orb will increase, and it will move, forcing us to move and prevent the dark matter from ending our lives.

Little by little the difficulty of the enemy will increase, coming to appear authentic elite enemies with which we will have to sweat until we finish them. The more elite enemies we defeat, the better our final score will be, being able to receive gold, silver and bronze medals.

Gifts, seasons and much more

Like Warzone and other modes, Zombies Onslaught It will include rewards that we can unlock as we progress through the level, and as time goes by, new seasons will arrive with new maps and rewards for all players.

A very exclusive mode

PS5 details

But if there is something to highlight in particular, it is that the mode Zombies Onslaught will arrive completely exclusively on PS4 and PS5 next November 15, and it will not land on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S until a year later, since the game will not be available on those platforms until next November 1, 2021.

Yes, you read correctly, those PC and Xbox players will have to wait no less than a year to be able to play this new mode of zombies, so more than one will directly forget to play it, since by then we probably already have a new Call of Duty on the way.


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