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Chrome OS Adds Support for Bluetooth Battery Indicator

Chrome OS Adds Support for Bluetooth Battery Indicator

Oddly enough, Chrome OS doesn't indicate the battery level of Bluetooth-connected devices. If you have a Bluetooth mouse, headset, or peripheral connected, you won't be able to see its battery percentage, something that has been around on Android for two years.

However, this will change through an experimental command in Chrome. Chrome OS is essentially a glorified Chrome browser, so just run the # show-bluetooth-device-battery flag to make it available.


Importantly, this is an experimental feature and is not yet available natively in the operating system. Even, according to the Chromium forums, there are devices where the feature is not available at all like Sony headsets or Razer Hammerhead True Wireless.

Overall, feedback from the forums indicates that peripherals such as mice and keyboards are showing battery levels perfectly. However, when it comes to audio devices like headsets and earphones, Chrome OS no longer shows the percentage.

Additionally, there are users commenting that when turned on, the function turns off low battery Bluetooth devices. A full and final version is expected to arrive with the Chrome OS 79 update.

Chrome OS still has a long way to go

Chrome OS and Google Pixelbooks have yet to go through major improvements before they can compete with ultra-thin laptops or even iPads. As mentioned, the system is limited to Google apps you can use in Chrome.

Also, the system is still confusing in that it presents you with two versions for each app. For example, you can open YouTube in Chrome that shows you the desktop version but you have the app that shows you the simplified mobile interface.

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