Home Tablets China will have "Uber" autonomous cars by 2021

China will have "Uber" autonomous cars by 2021

China will have "Uber" autonomous cars by 2021

Chinese private transport company Didi Chuxing will take the next step and include autonomous cars in its service. The company will start in Shanghai and plans to expand out of China by 2021. Didi Chuxing is one of the largest companies of its kind, sometimes called 'Chinese' Uber.

More companies will be able to join the 'party'

Didi's CEO says the company is in talks with the Japanese Toyota, a possible collaboration between companies. The CEO believes that "alliances are important in bringing autonomous cars to life in the best way."

Autonomous car service will be ready within months

According to Reuters, Didi Chuxing's service is already being tested for early release as soon as possible. The vehicles will have level 4 driving capabilities, rated by SAE International, a vehicle rating association.

A vehicle rated 4 is considered almost completely independent and can drive, park and drive within urban areas without driver assistance. The vehicle must also be capable of canceling a trip and stopping or parking the car safely.

All travel in autonomous cars will be free, at least at this experimental stage, said Didi Chuxing CEO. The company is, meanwhile, waiting to get some licenses from the Chinese government to test its 30-car fleet from September.

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