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China. Donald Trump forces Microsoft to buy TikTok!

After several threats that he was going to ban TikTok in the United States, Donald Trump gave Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella 45 days to buy the controversial Chinese social network. After being banned in India, it seems that TikTok may be closer to becoming an exclusive application for the Chinese market, posing a threat to the privacy of all its international users.

Microsoft has already officially confirmed in a statement published today that it will continue to negotiate a possible acquisition of TikTok, “suggesting” a possible participation by other American investors. According to Donald Trump, the only way for TikTok to stay active in the United States is if, Microsoft buys the platform and ensures that users’ private data is safe and in the United States.

Donald Trump Microsoft TikTok China

Microsoft may not make a full TikTok purchase

Although Donald Trump has given Microsoft 45 days (until September 15) to acquire TikTok, it does not appear to have required the company to buy the entire social network. According to data advanced by the TechCrunch website, Microsoft will be able to purchase only the TikTok division responsible for operations in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Should these limitations on the acquisition be confirmed, ByteDance (Chinese company responsible for the platform) will continue to manage the social network in all European markets, including UK. Certainly, the possibility of “attacking” the division responsible for India is very large, being a market that could generate large revenues for Microsoft.

Chinese press has already responded to threats from the United States

After all the information published over the past few months about TikTok, it is no big surprise that we see Donald Trump wanting to ban the social network from the United States. In fact, it would not be surprising if all countries ended up following in the footsteps of India, which has already banned TikTok.

However, the Chinese press has already responded to Donald Trump’s threats, saying that this would be “a barbaric act by a dishonest government”.

This is at least a caricature accusation, especially considering that in China, all “non-Chinese” social networks are banned. Access to platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is prohibited.

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