Foldable smartphones are not for any wallet. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, is currently the most affordable device, yet its price in UK is € 1529.

However, it seems that Samsung has the recipe to make this technology cheaper. It passes for them to manufacture their folding screens.

Samsung still doesn’t manufacture folding screens for its smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, foldable smartphones

In the case of Z Flip, the terminal with a lower price, its screen is manufactured by the company DOWOO INSYS. It is still interesting that Samsung is a major shareholder.

Still, you have to pay more than if the brand were building the screens. That is certainly why the “Samsung Display” division is working to be the primary manufacturer of Samsung folding screens.

If this happens, it is more than likely that the price of equipment of this type will be considerably lower than that currently practiced.

The greater the competition, the better!

It goes without saying that Samsung is not the only company working on terminals with foldable screens. Huawei, Xiaomi, TCL or even Royole with FlexPai. All of them believe that they will have a product capable of competing in the foldable market. This market is growing with each passing day.

Therefore, we can imagine that the value of the terminals will be more competitive when the competition is greater. An example of this are the first mobile phones that came out on the market at a price that only a few would be able to afford. Nowadays you can count people who don’t have one by their fingers!

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