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Xiaomi Mi 9T: the full review 2020

Officially present in UK for a little over a year, Xiaomi has already managed to break into a market, however complicated. Its Redmi Note...

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are offline for thousands of users! You are not alone

Are you unable to access Facebook or any of its other applications? You are not the...

Huawei P9 will finally receive the Android Oreo? It seems so!

It was a few weeks ago that we reported that the Huawei P9 would not receive...

Snapchat “races against the tide” registering growth during the pandemic

The global pandemic of COVID-19 does not seem to have affected Snapchat much. Snap, the responsible...

Cheap charger for iPhone 12 with fast charging: 3 alternatives

Apple recently launched the iPhone 12 of which I am a happy owner. However, Cupertino’s technology chose not to put a charger (power adapter) in the box for the first time.

This makes many users want to look for alternatives outside of Apple, since the official charger sold separately costs € 25. In this article I show you several alternatives that you can purchase at lower prices, and still be able to take advantage of the fast 20W charging.

30W Belkin Boost Charge Charger

The first option I leave you with is Belkin Boost Charge from Belkin. This fast charger has Power Delivery that allows you to charge the iPhone 12 at 20W. If you have any equipment that charges above that (30W), it will also do the job.

Find out more about Belkin Boost Charge pricing and shipping


Baseus Super Si 20W Charger

Baseus is a partner manufacturer of Xiaomi, of which I have some quality products. This 20W charger is very compact, as you can see in the image, and has Power Delivery 3.0 to charge your iPhone 12 at full speed

Know more about Basues Super Si prices and shipping


20W Anker PowerPort III Nano Charger

Anker is yet another reference manufacturer with regard to products such as power banks and chargers. And the new Anker PowerPort III Nano is a 20W charger designed with the new iPhone 12 in mind.

Find out more about Anker PowerPort III Nano pricing and shipping


It is important to note that the sale is managed by Amazon itself, so the whole process is quite simple and secure. For any questions, you can follow our guide on how to buy on Amazon and receive in UK. If your purchase exceeds € 29, you don’t have to pay for shipping.

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A new year begins and things don't look any better for Huawei. Even from the...

Apple sued for not removing Telegram from App Store

Apple was sued by Coalition for a Safer Web for failing to remove Telegram at the...

Asus: new ROG Swift PG32UQ monitor is perfect for PS5 and XSX!

Asus continues to take advantage of the momentum of CES 2021 and presented its latest gaming...

2020 Game is the perfect game that portrays the nightmare that was 2020!

There is little doubt about the label placed above 2020, classifying it as one of the...

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