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Cheap accessories for your Amazon Echo with display

Amazon Echo with screen, the most complete option

Over time, this company has launched different models of its smart speakers on the market that include a touch panel. It is true that these are gadgets with a higher price compared to the well-known Amazon Echo Dot, but thanks to this screen you will be able to develop a greater number of functionalities both at the home automation level and in the reproduction of audiovisual content:

  • The interface of these speakers allows us to handle in an easy and intuitive way all the home automation equipment compatible with Alexa from our house. Of course, we can also use them through voice commands with the assistant but, yes, this is a more visual way to do it.
  • Using the browser, we can consult any web page from this screen and without using other devices.
  • This screen and your operating system support the playback of multimedia content. Therefore, we can play videos from YouTube or Prime Video just by asking Alexa. Of course, with Netflix, HBO or Disney + there is nothing to do at the moment.
  • There are specific Skills for Amazon Echo devices with a screen.

Echo Show 5

What models with screens does Amazon have in its catalog? Well, currently, it has 4 models:

  • Amazon Echo Spot: the smallest of all. It has a circular screen in which, like the rest of these speakers, we find a camera at the top.
  • Amazon Echo Show: in this family we find the other 3 members of screen loudspeakers: Show (2nd GEN), Show 8 and Show 5. The main differences between both are the size of their panel, being 10 ″, 8 ″ and 5 ″ respectively. and to power your speaker system.

In short, if you want to bet on the maximum in terms of functionalities of a smart speaker, choose one of these models. And if you also want to improve the experience when using it, keep reading to know the accessories compatible with them.

Best Amazon Speaker Accessories with Display

Among the gadgets compatible with these Amazon smart speakers we will find supports of various types, connectors to make them portable, screen protectors and even our privacy. In short, a diverse set of proposals to make the most of them – remember that by signing up for Amazon Prime, you can get free fast shipments of several of these accessories. Let’s see all of them in order.

Echo Spot 360º Rotation Bracket

Starting with the stands for the Amazon Echo Spot, we have this adjustable base with which we can turn it 360º. Its support is magnetized, so we can regulate the inclination without fear that it will fall off the base itself. By raising it above the surface of a table, this will make the audio output better, so the sound will be better. You will find it available in white and black.

Wall mount for Echo Spot

On the other hand, if you want to increase security and be able to place your Echo Spot anywhere you can go for this wall bracket. The assembly is quite simple, although you will need certain tools. Once placed on the wall, it can be adjusted in all directions to adapt it to any situation.

Adjustable stand for Echo Show 5

We now turn to stands for Echo Show 5. A stand available in black and white colors, with a magnetic surface to improve the speaker’s grip. You can regulate it forward or backward to your liking.

Wall mount for Echo Show 5

Although there is also the possibility, as with his little brother, of mount it on the wall with this mount for the Echo Show 5. According to the manufacturer, the installation is very simple. There are 2 different models depending on the inclination you want, so choose well before buying.

Echo Show 5 stand with wireless charging

In case you have your Echo Show 5 On the bedside table or on your work scale, this stand is ideal for you. It has, in addition to the stand itself for this speaker with adjustable inclination, with a wireless charging surface for your phone or headphones with 5W power.

Support for Echo Show 8

If you opted for a Echo Show 8 Due to its larger screen, this model also has support to raise it. This model can be adjusted, tilted and rotated 360º to adapt it to what you need. And do not be afraid of possible falls, its magnetic surface will hold your Amazon speaker well.

Adjustable stand for Echo Show (2nd generation)

As a last support, we bring you this alternative for Amazon’s smart speaker with the largest panel, the Echo Show (2nd GEN). Like the rest of the options for other equipment, this one can also be tilted depending on what you need at all times.

USB cable for Echo Spot / Show 5

If what you are looking for is to provide portability to your Echo device, this cable with USB connection is what you needed. Thanks to it we can supply our device with the 12 V it needs by connecting it to any portable power source. According to the manufacturer, it is compatible with the Echo Spot, Echo Show 5 and the Amazon Echo Dots.

Camera cover for Amazon Echo with screen

On the other hand, as we told you at the beginning of this article, all these devices with a screen have a camera for videoconferencing. Most of them include a “privacy” button that blocks the view of this lens. But, if you want to have a extra privacy in this section, you can place these little covers on the lens so that, as long as you don’t need the camera, nobody and nothing can see you.

Tempered glass for Echo Spot / Show (2nd GEN) / Show 5 & 8

Being devices with a screen, all of them are susceptible to receiving a blow that endangers the panel. For this reason, if you want to have more peace of mind with it, you can place a tempered glass on the screen. These will not prevent or impair use at the touch level and will ensure this panel from scratches or bumps.

Here is a list of crystals for each model of smart speaker with Amazon screen:

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