How do multiple wireless charging bases work?

If you are a curious person, you are surely wondering how these types of accessories that carry our gadgets without using cables.

Without going into many technical details, within these charging bases and the devices compatible with wireless charging, we find a series of electromagnetic coils. That of transmitter (the charging base) is in charge of converting and transmitting the electricity that comes from the plug to our equipment. For its part, the receiver (the device that we want to charge) deals with receiving that electromagnetic field and transforming it back into electricity that it stores in the battery of our phone, earphone or any of the compatible accessories.

All this, and much more information, you can see in the video that we leave you below. It’s in english Although, thanks to the graphics that are being shown, surely you have no problem understanding what the process consists of.

How to choose a multiple wireless charging base

To choose one of these gadgets that allow us to charge several pieces of equipment, we must mainly focus on two details: the charging power and the maximum number of devices that we can charge at the same time.

  • Number of simultaneous devices: This is something that, in most cases, we will see simply by looking at the ad or the box itself. In any case, if you can’t find it with the naked eye, by carefully reading the advertisement or the packaging itself, you will be able to find out if it is a base to load two or up to three devices at the same time.
  • Charging power: This characteristic is symbolized with a value of watts (W) And roughly, it represents how fast or slow our accessories will charge. Normally, in this type of docks, the maximum load that each slot It is between 5 W and 10 W. But beware, another important detail is the maximum capacity that your smartphone or any compatible equipment supports.

The 11 best multiple wireless charging bases

Given how this type of accessory works and the keys to take into account when buying one of them, now we are going to show you 11 options that you should take into account when choosing one of them.

Kdely Base

The Kdely wireless charging stand allows us to charge two of our devices at the same time, with a maximum power of up to 10 W. Perhaps it is not the most aesthetic charging surface on the market, but it is one of the cheapest.

Hoidokly support

With this dock We can charge our phone with a smart watch or headphones at the same time. The maximum power that it allows to reach is 7.5 W and, as a curiosity, it is based on a device by modules that we can separate if we want.

CHOETECH multi charger

As in the two models that we have already shown you, this allows us to place two devices together. Its maximum capacity is up to 10 W for compatible equipment. An economical alternative but that improves the design section a bit.


Among the cheapest options we find this charger from the company YOOTECH, which follows the same dynamics in terms of number of devices and maximum charging capacity as the previous ones. As a differential point, it incorporates anti-slip surface projections around each slot to avoid accidental slipping.

3 in 1 charger

One of the cheapest bets that allows us to place up to three devices at the same time. As a differential detail, this base optimizes each zone according to the device to be charged. We will have a slot maximum load at 10 W on one of the sides and, next to it, two other zones with a charging speed of 7.5 W for devices that require lower power.

Mophie Support

Raising the price a bit compared to previous models, we have the option that Mophie offers us and with which we can load up to three devices simultaneously. The best thing about this option is that we can count on a more careful design without the price skyrocketing above 100 euros.

NOMAD multi charging base

If we are looking for something with a better design and construction materials, the NOMAD base is one of the best alternatives. We will be able to place up to two teams at a time, with a loading speed of up to 10 W. Of course, by improving design and construction materials, the price is also higher.

Zens Triple Charger

Another option that we can take into account is this 3 in 1 from Zens. With this dock We can charge an Apple smart watch together with two other computers that are compatible with the wireless charging base. The best thing about this base is its different design in which they lift the watch charger, leaving two other charging stations at the bottom. This makes more use of space.

Belkin Support

In this case, the PowerHouse model is specially designed for owners of Apple equipment. In this base we can charge, at the same time, an Apple Watch together with a phone compatible with this charging technology, using a maximum power of 7.5 W. Of course, it would be rare for you to have an Apple Watch and an Android phone.

SliceCharge charging base

One of the best alternatives is the SliceCharge support. A base with which we can charge up to three devices at once, one of them being Apple’s smart watch. Also, this dock It is one of the few that have a maximum power of 30W, which we can take advantage of if our phone supports that speed.

NOMAD Triple Charger

Finally, if what we want is the best design together with the possibility of charging three devices simultaneously, we have this alternative that NOMAD offers us. The maximum speed with which we can charge our gadgets is 10 W. The best thing about this base is that, in addition to the wireless charging stations, it incorporates a USB-A connector and another USB-C connector on the back to charge other equipment. using the traditional way with your cable.