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How to Change Launcher Android TV Boxes


May 21, 2016

How to Change the Launcher for Android TV Boxes

What is A launcher on an Android TV Box?

Probably the most powerful feature of Android is its ability to be customized. And that starts with what’s typically called the “launcher.” The launcher usually is considered to be the home screens and app drawer, and they come in all sorts of flavours and designs. Are you getting the most from your TV box? If you ever wish to change the launcher screen on your EBox device by using unofficial third party launcher apps. Any Android-powered device has got more and more options available for you.

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The 2 Best launchers for Android TV boxes

The 2 best launchers are Google Now Launcher and Nova Launcher. Both can be downloaded from the Google Play store and are free to download.

  1. Google Now Launcher For Android TV boxes

  2. Nova Launcher For Android TV boxes

When you hear people talk about “stock” Android, this usually is what they’re referring to. Homescreens and app drawer unchanged from what EBox includes in the open-sourced code. But that’s just the tip and From Play Store, you can download any number of third-party “launchers,” which will change the look and functionality of the home screen and the app drawer. Home screens can have different animations. Or different docks at the bottom. Or a specific number of home screens. App drawers can have more scrolling or sorting options. Possibilities might not be endless, but they’re certainly numerous.

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How to change the launcher on an Android TV box

  • Open Google Play store
  • Search for the Launcher you want to change to
  • Click install
  • Google Play will now install the launcher
  • When prompted click change Launcher
  • Complete

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What do you use the launcher for?

As the launcher is default home screen of your EBox Android-powered device which comes pre-setup best as per users needs. However sometimes when it comes to customizing the launcher for adding your favourite apps on home screen. It cannot be done on the build in launcher of the device as there is separate option to add apps in favourites. But that doesn’t stop you from doing what you want to do on the device. Third party launcher apps are available for customizing your device launcher.

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Change launcher android powered TV boxes

There are many launchers available on Play Store on your device and Just search for Android TV Launcher and it will bring all list of the launcher.

Also as internet search, there are nova themes, nova launchers settings, google widgets, for phone and home launcher icon android app personalisation for your devices.

change launcher android tv boxes


Easy to Download and use
Play store many launcher’s available
Select Launcher whichever you like


Third Party Launchers

Change Launcher
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