Solution to the challenges of week 2

Fortnite Brutus Report

In the table of challenges we can see the new additions that have arrived this week, so we will review the new challenges that arise so that you can solve with total ease each of the tests that we propose. Remember that if you still have challenges from the first week, you can take a look at the first part of the Brutus Report solutions to complete them as soon as possible.

Deal damage to players from below

In Fortnite, placing yourself in an area superior to that of your opponent is key to having an advantage when dealing with. Attacking from below is quite complicated, but at least now you will have a reward. If you manage to accumulate a total of 250 damage points from a position inferior to that of your rival, you will get 40,000 experience points.

Hide in secret passages in different games

Fortnite WC teleportation

This is one of the challenges in which it is better to have a guide to get to the point, so we are going to tell you where you can find secret passages so you can complete it quickly. You will have to enter 3 passages in total in different games, so take a look at the following map to see where this WC with wormholes are.

Fortnite PAsadizo Secrets

Charge with a knocked down opponent for 50 m

Here you will have to control your killer instinct, since you will have to knock down an opponent and carry him in tow for a total of 50 meters. It is cumulative, so if you are knocked down in the middle of the journey you can keep trying in future games.

Eliminate players with a shotgun

Fornite season 2 shotgun

This is one of the easy challenges, since you will simply have to eliminate a total of 3 players with a shotgun. Remember that shotguns are your perfect ally for short distances, so if you walk indoors, you better go with one behind your back to end the danger as soon as possible.

Deal damage with shotguns in the air

Fortnite season 2

More of the same. Equip yourself with a shotgun and go for it all, but try to jump like a grasshopper while shooting. The challenge is to hurt in this way and accumulate a total of 200 points.

Collect 500 wood, 400 stone and 300 metal

They are cumulative tasks, so don’t be overwhelmed. As you complete games, if you are a good collector, this challenge will be completed soon. Be patient and don’t forget to work hard with your beak.

Open chests closed by an ID scanner

As you will surely know at this point, the agents’ dens are full of minions that ensure the security of the enclosure, and in these locations we can also find special chests protected with an ID scanner. Your mission this time is to unlock them using the body of one of the henchmen that will be around the chest. You can also use a telephone booth and disguise yourself as a henchman, which will also serve to unlock the encrypted chest.

Find SHADOW shelters

Fortnite Season 2 Shadow Shelter

On the map you can find several henchmen shelters, so you will have to discover them to complete this challenge. Do you want it easy? Well, we leave you next so you can go shot. Be careful that these enemies could end your life very soon, and therefore, your game would come to an end.

Fortnite Shadow Shelters