Caviar will launch iPhone 12 Pro in a special edition of Elon Musk and SpaceX!


Caviar is a Russian company known for taking popular smartphones and making them even more exclusive. In the past, Caviar has changed iPhones to several versions with gold, diamond covers and even titanium editions. The most recent is to pay tribute to Elon Musk and his SpaceX project.

Through LetsGo Digital, we have images of the iPhone 12 Pro in the “Musk Be On Mars” edition, a very frivolous pun. It’s called iPhone 12 Pro Discovery Edition and it’s simply an iPhone 12 Pro with a commemorative cover over it.


We have the design of the space rocket to be launched from the earth, towards Mars. Underneath, we have the letters MUSK BE ON MARS, and also the signature of Elon Musk underneath, with his full name. We assume that having the signature of the entrepreneur, it is because he approved these covers.

However, it is most likely that Caviar simply used his signature without authorization, being Russian equipment with little regulation.

Do you want an iPhone 12 Pro by Elon Musk? Open the wallet

The prices of iPhones in these editions are, as always, ridiculous. The iPhone 12 Pro Mars Edition has a value of 5200 euros, in addition to the 256 GB and 512 Gb variants that will command even higher prices.

According to Caviar, the Discovery series will include the Elon Musk collection but also other editions. IPhone 11 Pro Mars & Moon Edition, Titanic Edition, Vostok 1 Edition and Soyuz Satellite Edition are planned. Are you going to buy some?

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