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Caution: This wallpaper may damage your Xiaomi smartphone!

Caution: This wallpaper may damage your Xiaomi smartphone!

It is not every day that we hear that a simple wallpaper can damage a smartphone, but it is happening to all Xiaomi users who dare to try this simple wallpaper.

Unfortunately we have no idea what goes on behind it so that the smartphone simply crashes when the wallpaper is installed. However, the problem is believed to be a compatibility of the wallpaper with MIUI, Xiaomi's smartphone system.

Here's the wallpaper that damages your Xiaomi

Xiaomi wallpaper block

Wallpaper is simple and one of the most interesting you can use on an OLED screen smartphone. By the way, I've used something similar on an iPhone and it looks very interesting.

Basically we have a colored line that covers the edge of the screen. The rest of the wallpaper is totally black. That is, perfect for saving runtime on the smartphone and giving you a denser contrast on OLED displays.

Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T were terminals that gave problems

Users who tried the wallpaper reported that the terminal simply crashed as soon as the wallpaper was active. The screen started flashing and soon after the user was given 3 options. "Restart", "clear data" and "connect with MiAssistant". When restarting the smartphone the problem remained.

Xiaomi Mi 9T wallpaper problems

The solution was simply to clear all data from the smartphone with a factory reset. That is, lose everything you had stored in the equipment.

A user on Reddit pointed out that it was possible that the image had hidden malware to cause this problem. "You can store and execute code hidden in images. There is definitely some kind of malware hidden in the image, possibly in EXIF ​​data."

In short, we do not know what it is. We only advise you to stay away from this wallpaper that is damaging Xiaomi smartphones all over the world.

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