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Microsoft Launcher 6.0 released! A taste of “Windows” on your Android

With the death of Windows Phone, Microsoft Launcher is basically the only current way to have a design inspired by the PC operating system, on your Android. In this sense, the Launcher received version 6.0, which has some interesting news.Microsoft has been working on this version of the Launcher for several months, even receiving [...]

See how Android will work on Microsoft’s Surface Duo (video)

So that developers can start developing applications for the Surface Duo, Microsoft has already made the first Android emulator available for the device. Windows Central editor Zac Bowden has tried it out and shared some of his experience with the world.In a video of almost two minutes, shared on Twitter, you can get a [...]

WhatsApp will abandon millions of smartphones in February. Do you know if yours is on the list

Through its support page, WhatsApp has announced the abandonment of some older versions of Android, iOS and others. The one that is considered by the company as a difficult decision will take effect from February 1, 2020.Such decisions are natural in many programs and services when certain operating systems are already outdated. That way, [...]

Do you use WhatsApp? Confirm that you do not have these versions affected by a security hole.

WhatsApp gives you talk again for the bad reasons. The most used application in the world to communicate over the internet again showed weaknesses. Now is the time for a video file that can attack you.Unfortunately Facebook said in its official statement on the matter the consequences for users. However, you reported which versions [...]

Microsoft will launch Word, Excel and Powerpoint in just one app.

Microsoft will unify your most popular document editing and productivity programs into one Android application. The app does not have an official name yet but is already being tested in a beta program, likely to be released by the end of the year.

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Former Nokia executive points out 4 reasons why Windows Phone failed!

These were moments of anguish that led Windows Phone (and consequently Windows 10 Mobile) to total failure. Many brand lovers believed in the system and terminals, but it turned out to be unsustainable for Microsoft to continue with a system that few bought.The competition from Android and iOS was too great, however, was not [...]

Bill Gates says his biggest mistake was losing the mobile market for Android

During a recent interview, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates spoke of some of his biggest regrets. One was the failure to dominate the mobile operating system market, dominated by Google and Android.We can say that Microsoft dominates the present Windows computer market with 87% market share. The same cannot be said of the mobile phone [...]

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Instagram will leave Windows 10 Mobile later this month

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world. In UK, for example, this is the social network that has grown the most in recent years, although it has fewer users than Facebook.Otherwise, something that has been steadily decreasing in number of users has been the installed base of Windows Phone [...]

You'll soon be rewarded for using Microsoft Launcher.

In a world where manufacturers increasingly personalize Android with their personal touch, launchers continue to be used. These are apps that change your device's home screen and can then be customized to your liking. Microsoft Launcher for Android is one of them. Microsoft Launcher for AndroidAs we know Microsoft has given up on Windows [...]

Microsoft Windows 10 is finally more popular than Windows 7

After the success of Windows 7 Microsoft introduced us to Windows 8, 8.1 and finally Windows 10. The latter considered one of the best versions ever. Even so, the "champion" W7 continued to reign as the most widely used operating system, although it was launched almost ten years ago. See also: 2018's most powerful [...]

Microsoft: New smartphone promises to let Google think

Microsoft 'Centaurus' could be smartphone that will trouble Google | @TheVergeDuring the last months much has been heard about the much desired result of Microsoft's "Andromeda" project. This will allegedly be your first folding smartphone. However, the company has an extra project that will definitely leave Google thinking about its future. After a long [...]

Android was the obvious choice for Surface Duo, says Microsoft

Microsoft announced this week its return to mobile phones with the announcement of the folding Surface Neo. At a time when the smartphone is still under development, it has been announced that it will hit the Android market.According to Panos Panay, Microsoft's product director, this device would always use Android. Returning to Windows Phone [...]

11 Free icon packs for your Android. Limited time!

It's time to try out Android icon packs. But these are special, why? Because they were paid and for a limited time are free. So if you want to customize your smartphone, hurry up! In that sense, today's list is stuffed. We have icon packs for all kinds of tastes, with all kinds of [...]

Huawei belies the development of an alternative to Android

An alternative to Android will not reach Huawei's handAndroid is currently the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. There are several companies that adopt Google software, making use of all its strengths. Brands like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, BQ and many more make up this range. However, not everything is pink and [...]

Microsoft Cortana Will Not Disappear From Windows 10, But It Will Be Different

Microsoft was one of the companies introducing the true virtual assistant, Cortana, to the market. With the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana would walk to Windows 10 in a rather peculiar way. However, contrary to what would be expected, Redmond's company ultimately missed the opportunity to create a favorable position around this market. [...]

Huawei is developing operating system as an alternative to Android

The brand enjoyed a growing popularity in UK. Trend across Europe2018 has seen a souring of relations between Huawei and the US government, something that has been addressed here on EBox several times. Now, as the publication goes SCMP, Huawei already has an operating system as an alternative to Google's Android. Its purpose is [...]

Android Go on HMD Global's new Nokia Asha in 2018?

In 2018, the Finnish brand could bring one of the latest popular mobile phones.I remember the Nokia Asha perfectly. In fact, I was almost buying one. At a time when the iPhone was already reigning and the Galaxy Gio was the sensation of the moment. True, I almost surrendered to an Asha. I found [...]

YouTube returned to Amazon Echo Show in the style of what Google did to Microsoft

Amazon is a big competitor of Google and Microsoft, and the Echo Show is proof of that.Amazon is now, according to some statistics, the third most valuable company in the world. Beyond Microsoft, only Google and Apple can say that they are more valuable than the former. As a result, Jeff Bezos, current CEO [...]

Nokia 2: Back of smartphone unveiled in real image

Nokia 2 will be the cheapest smartphone of the companyNokia still has a long year ahead. The Nokia 2 - the only rumored smartphone - along with three other handsets, is to be unveiled in the future by the company that once dominated the mobile phone market. In turn, the most timid of the [...]

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Nokia Mercury was another scratched by Microsoft and did not know the market

Elop and Ballmer also contributed to the appearance of Nokia Mercury with Microsoft software.Nokia still has a presence in the market. And that, in turn, depends on the role it played before Microsoft acquired it, and eventually decided to cancel several of the Finnish company's prototypes for the Windows market - smartphones, tablets and [...]