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Without leaving home: online board games to play with friends

Tonight we play online There are many users that, although they do not have a "traditional" training system such as a game console or a PC gaming, they do have access to a mobile phone or a PC, more models that would allow them to enjoy certain online games. with family and friends. If [...]

See how Android will work on Microsoft’s Surface Duo (video)

So that developers can start developing applications for the Surface Duo, Microsoft has already made the first Android emulator available for the device. Windows Central editor Zac Bowden has tried it out and shared some of his experience with the world.In a video of almost two minutes, shared on Twitter, you can get a [...]

WhatsApp will abandon millions of smartphones in February. Do you know if yours is on the list

Through its support page, WhatsApp has announced the abandonment of some older versions of Android, iOS and others. The one that is considered by the company as a difficult decision will take effect from February 1, 2020.Such decisions are natural in many programs and services when certain operating systems are already outdated. That way, [...]

Do you use WhatsApp? Confirm that you do not have these versions affected by a security hole.

WhatsApp gives you talk again for the bad reasons. The most used application in the world to communicate over the internet again showed weaknesses. Now is the time for a video file that can attack you.Unfortunately Facebook said in its official statement on the matter the consequences for users. However, you reported which versions [...]

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