Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s second new console takes shape

Xbox Series S So far Microsoft has only officially presented a new next-generation console: the Xbox Series X. A machine that we already know a lot about thanks to the information that the company itself has shown. This will be its most powerful and best-prepared model to offer a next-generation gaming experience capable of [...]

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Google Play Store: 9 free games you need to know!

Today we have a list of interesting free games to discover. They vary between different genres but all of them are fun and easy to play, without major complications. Stay with our recommendations for free Android apps.9 free games on the Google Play StoreExtreme GolfThis golf game has fantastic graphics and very easy to [...]

Download Quake for free, the game that together with DOOM marked the FPS

How to get original Quake completely free If before it was already something normal, during all these months that we have of pandemic, confinement and new normality, obtaining completely free games from their own developers has become even more common. Now it is Bethesda who taking advantage of her QuakeCon 2020, an event that [...]

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Analysts believe PlayStation 5 to be much more successful than Xbox Series X

With the launch of the new generation of consoles, it is inevitable that the rivalry between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will take on new proportions. Even with very similar hardware, there will always be something more advantageous on one platform than the other.But if there is one thing analysts believe the PlayStation [...]

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Microsoft attacks Apple and accuses it of blocking the arrival of Project xCloud to iPhones

The last months of 2020 promise to be extremely interesting for the world of video games, with the arrival of Google Stadia's great rival, Microsoft Project xCloud, already confirmed. Earlier this week, the company revealed that its official launch will take place on September 15, the day it will be available for all Android [...]

Braid and his time management will return with graphical improvements

Braid Anniversary Braid was launched in August 2008, a title to which not all players paid the same attention, although criticism did. Thanks to these very positive reviews, the game quickly gained popularity. So much so that the year after its original release on Xbox it already had versions for PC, Mac and Playstation. [...]

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Millions of users won’t enjoy xCloud because Apple doesn’t want to

Apple and its obstacles to the game via streaming A few months ago, when the Project xCloud test was underway for both Android and iOS through TestFlight, we discussed it: if the game via streaming does not reach the iPhone and iPad it is because Apple does not want. That simple and direct. Because [...]

FIFA 21 won’t have Ronaldo’s popular celebration! EA wants to end toxicity in the game

FIFA is by far the most popular football game ever on almost any console and PC. However, not everything is a "bed of roses" for EA Sports, especially during the past few years, where it has seen a major change in the type of attitude displayed by its player community.Over the last few editions, [...]

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Running Android apps on Windows is possible thanks to the Your Phone app

In recent years, Microsoft has taken Android seriously. A good example of this is its Your Phone application that basically allows you to control some aspects of your Android smartphone on Windows 10.A huge step has now been taken by Microsoft in partnership with Samsung. Soon, it will be possible to access the applications [...]

The 15 best PC keyboards to buy in 2020

When buying a good PC keyboard, we are investing not only in productivity, but also in the quality and comfort of work, or play. With that in mind we have listed the best keyboards today so you can make a good purchase!Then you will find the main highlights of the best computer keyboards grouped [...]

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Brawlhalla, the free Super Smash Bros. came to Android

A free Super Smash Bros In November 2019 Ubisoft, taking advantage of the Brawlhalla Wolrd Championship, announced that at some point in 2020 the Android version (also for iOS) of this particular game would be ready. Well, that day has arrived and you can now download this particular title that has managed to hook [...]

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Drive like a pro with the new Logitech G923 steering wheel

The best racing games with steering wheel Racing simulators are a type of game that is much more enjoyable when done alongside a specifically designed steering wheel. That is something that any fan will share with us and will even go further saying that, to finish off the task, there is nothing better than [...]

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Google finally launches Nearby Share! Know the alternative to AirDrop

After several weeks of intensive testing, behold, one of the most anticipated features of Android has finally arrived. Google today announced the launch of Nearby Share, a feature similar to the acclaimed AirDrop.As with the Apple service, Nearby Share allows for quick and simple file sharing between devices. With just a few clicks, it [...]

Microsoft xCloud, Google Stadia’s great rival, already has a release date in UK

Companies have been betting heavily on streaming gaming services in recent times. After the launch of Stadia or Nvidia GeForce Now, it's time for Microsoft to join the lot.The American company announced today that its streaming service xCloud will be officially launched on Android on September 15th. Fortunately, UK will be one of the [...]

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Goodbye to the laptop: the best tablets and how to take advantage of them

Beyond its tablet function When the tablets arrived on the market, we all knew that they were devices that expanded and improved certain uses offered by mobile phones. After all, back then, these were just "phones" with a bigger screen. With the passage of time, the phones increased their diagonal and the tablet was [...]

Privacy tool based on Artificial Intelligence “disguises” your selfies

At the University of Chicago, a tool called Fawkes was developed. This is an Artificial Intelligence created to subtly deceive facial recognition systems. This is because, currently, facial recognition is a tool that can be used in a harmful way, interfering with personal privacy.The program works in a somewhat complex way. When you run [...]

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Sony reminds you again that Spider-Man is his and his only

A new avenger joins the game The game is garnering a lot of good reviews and is gradually approaching its launch, but not before launching the public beta that will allow everyone to try this striking adventure in the company of other friends. But in the meantime there will be room for many more [...]

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Apple faces billionaire lawsuit over Siri’s patents. Know the details

As The Wall Street Journal advances, Apple is being sued by Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology Co., a Chinese artificial intelligence company. The company, also known as Xiao-i, claims that Apple is infringing its patents with voice assistant Siri.More specifically, Xiao-i claims that Siri is a copy of its assistant, which has the same architecture [...]

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Android and iOS lose Cortana! Microsoft has other plans

Microsoft has long since developed its assistant Cortana. A quality assistant that is not only available on the PC, but also on the Android and iOS phone. Or at least it was.This is because Microsoft has decided to remove application support on these two operating systems. Initially it will stop updating third-party skills and [...]

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It’s official, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free

Free halo for everyone Halo: Combat Evolved revolutionized the world of multiplayer shooters with an extremely fun deathmatch mode characterized by bestial gameplay. The Halo multiplayer set the trend, and it seems that 343 Industries want to achieve something similar with the launch of Halo Infinite. Halo is for everyone. We can confirm #HaloInfinite [...]

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