Microsoft Outlook for Android has a new feature that will make Gmail envious

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most competitive email services Gmail offers. In transformation since the mythical "hotmail", Microsoft has been significantly improving its applications for Android and iOS.An example of this is the implementation of Dark Mode in your application that works even if you do not have the latest version of Android [...]

Google services may return to Huawei smartphones. See why

Donald Trump has banned American companies from doing business with Huawei, but there is a special regime that allows to circumvent this sanction. For this, companies can ask the government for special authorizationAccording to an interview with the vice president of Android Sameer Samat, Google sent such a request to the US government. If [...]

These are all games for PS4, Xbox One and PC that you can download for free in March

Free March games on PS Plus The PlayStation subscription service has announced that March will be the month in which the legendary game Shadow of the Colossus will join the list of free games delivered with the service. Never before fighting with a giant had been so fun, and we must end [...]

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Mini projectors: a great alternative to Smart TV in small spaces

The advantages of a mini projector When you think of enjoying a good movie or series it is normal that the first thing that comes to mind is a large television. Because the experience offered by a large diagonal screen is always better than what you can find on a smartphone, tablet and even [...]

If one day I ride a PC, I will do it in this NZXT box that mimics the Xbox Series X

NZXT H1: the most beautiful PC case in the world? Ok, to taste the colors, but this H1 We find it amazing. We are facing a rectangular chassis with very straight lines that promises to store a mini-ITX format motherboard with the peculiarity of being able to connect full-format graphics cards without any limitations. [...]

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You can now update your Xbox One with this new look and all these features

New look for the Xbox One interface This new update, which responds to the version 10.0.18363.9135, it includes a new start menu in which the contents that we use the most will be shown in a clearer way, in order to run our favorite games and applications in a faster way. The sections of [...]

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Apple may abandon Intel processors on its Macs in 2021

Apple computers have been using Intel processors for many years, but this partner could start to crumble as early as 2021. This is what analyst Ming Chi-Kuo predicts in his most recent report.According to its predictions, Apple will launch its first computer with an ARM processor within 12 to 18 months. This is because [...]

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Fortnite will allow to silence “Rickroll” emote due to copyright

About a week ago, the popular battle royale Fortnite introduced an emote inspired by the singer Rick Astley and the famous song "Never Gonna Give You Up" to the game. Music is one of the memes older people on the internet, where the video was shared without the user knowing and was surprised, the [...]

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Why you should tame your home: tips and tricks

The term home automation It is something that is already quite widespread but, if you are somewhat confused with this topic, I explain what it means: in the dictionary it is defined as “a set of techniques aimed at automating a home”. Or explained in a simpler way: it is the set of technological [...]

Nvidia GeForce Now service loses another big name

Nvidia entered the gaming market in streaming with an attractive service and a library of games that let one of its main competitors, Google Stadia, look bad. However, this scenario is changing and it is not Nvidia's fault.The most recent studio to announce its departure from Nvidia GeForce Now was Bethesda. This announcement comes [...]

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Copa Libertadores reaches FIFA 20. You know everything about the update

With the victory of Flamengo by Jorge Jesus in the Copa Libertadores at the end of last year, the competition gained another preponderance for the UK's. This will be available to all FIFA 20 players officially starting in March, and we bring you everything you should know about it.When will it be availableIn day [...]

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Neither Fallout nor Doom, GeForce Now loses Bethesda games

Neither Fallout nor The Elder Scrolls If you have tried GeForce Now, you will know what we are talking about, a service that allows streaming of all kinds of titles, from indies to triple A, without the need for a gaming PC. Just a PC, Mac or even Android devices with the client application [...]

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Windows 10 begins to receive new icons. See what it looks like

Five years after launch, Microsoft finally decided to start renovating the appearance of the Windows 10 icons. The new icons bring with them very vivid colors, much more pleasant to look at.Microsoft's great purpose with this change is to make your experience more intuitive, removing any confusion between the various icons. And the truth [...]

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If you touch this graph of Cyberpunk 2077 you will be the NVIDIA of your friends

The colorful Cyberpunk 2077 graphics card What graphics do you need to play Cyberpunk 2077? NVIDIA is clear. If you want to play with the best possible graphics with ray tracing and all the details, you will have to buy one of the manufacturer's graphics. But not any one, since NVIDIA has presented the [...]

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Mozilla launches VPN service for your smartphone or computer

Mozilla is mostly known for the Firefox browser, but has now launched a new service that will spark a lot of interest. This is a VPN that you can use on Android, Windows or Chormebook.A VPN can be a key ally if you want to remain anonymous when surfing the internet. In addition to [...]

Windows 10X will say goodbye to Cortana and bring more news

Microsoft is currently working on the development of Windows 10X, a version of the operating system created specifically for dual screen devices, such as its Surface Duo. Eventually, devices from other brands may also take advantage of this operating system.One of the highlights of Windows 10X is the abandonment of Cortana, which will no [...]

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Gaming monitors: what you should know before buying

The keys to choosing a good gaming monitor In general there are no bad products but devices more or less recommended according to the needs and types of use. On the subject of monitors this happens, since a screen for office use is not the same as another for design or to play video [...]

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The secrets of Fornite season 2 begin to be resolved and are pure GOLD

A gold-plated mystery The official account of Fortnite He is posting a series of images on Twitter that are giving a lot to talk about. All have in common a detail, and that is that the objects that appear in them seem to be bathed in gold. Why do we say this? Well, in [...]

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Microsoft puts Word, PowerPoint and Excel in a single app for Android (Download)

After testing the app on the restricted group of Office Insiders, Microsoft has finally launched an application long desired by Android users. It combines, in a single application, services as popular as Word, PowerPoint or Excel.Through this app it will be possible to perform actions such as taking notes that later synchronize with Windows [...]

Run: download Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for free before it flies

Welcome to the London of the industrial revolution The Assassin's Creed saga by Ubisoft is already an icon in the world of video games. After several deliveries it is rare that he who has not played it or, at least, has heard of them. Even so, if you are from that group of users [...]

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