Only for PlayStation: all exclusive games

First parties? When we talk about a first parties We are referring to development studies that focus their efforts solely on launching a product for a company. These companies bring to life a series of games designed for a console, and this title will normally enjoy total exclusivity throughout the generation. In [...]

TikTok: see how many devices are accessing your account

Many times we dedicate ourselves to logging into our favorite social networks on various devices (mobile, tablet, PC…) and there comes a time when we lose control of which computers can access our accounts, assuming a major failure in maintaining good security and privacy of our data and content. Today we are [...]

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In search of the fastest in the world: all about speedruns

What is a speedrun? As its name suggests, a speedrun It is a frantic race, a term that, applied to video games, defines a game completed in the shortest possible time. These full blast games have generated a series of competitions among users who, eager to demonstrate who was the fastest to [...]

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Soccer video games that marked a before and after

The best (and most striking) football video games Since its origins, video games have managed to entertain millions of users around the world, and with the improvements in technology, games have become increasingly realistic. But in addition to getting closer to realism, the secret of success was also in knowing how to [...]

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Refurbished gadgets: are they really worth it?

What is a reconditioned product? This question may be the first thing that comes to mind. A general definition of reconditioned equipment, or restored, is one that without being new, meets the necessary conditions to be sold again. Something very important when purchasing one of these devices is that, generally, there are [...]

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The big day has arrived, Valorant is now available to everyone

Valorant, download the new rival of Fortnite It's official, Valorant is now available to any player. The new 5v5 tactical shooter from the creators of League of Legends comes with the clear intention of fighting for the interest of the user and against any other similar proposal, such as the popular Fortnite, [...]

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Google Photos launches new feature to prevent you from losing photos forever!

Google Photos remains the most widely used application globally to store, manage and share photos on smartphones and also on the PC. The Google platform is by far the most complete, offering tools so that you always have access to your photos, whether on a smartphone, tablet or PC.For the most distracted, [...]

Poll: Which platform do you use most to play?

With a rich history going back to the 70s, video games are part of the routine of many of us. Whether for entertainment or competition, it is very likely that you will play or have already played video games, on any platform.That's the question we ask you today: what platform do you [...]

Borderlands 2 and the free prequel, haven’t you downloaded them yet?

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Assassin's Creed, GTA V, Civilization VI, ... the Epic Games Store has been giving away real games for weeks. Without having to spend a euro you can get titles that offer hours and hours of fun. For a couple of days the chosen video game has been Borderlands: [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Book S 2020 is official! Samsung’s response to Microsoft Surface

Samsung announced its new bet on the ultrathin notebook market: Galaxy Book S 2020. This is an upgrade over the first version, launched in 2019. The most notable difference is the abandonment of the Snapdragon processor to favor an Intel CPU.Samsung Galaxy Book S 2020Samsung Galaxy Book S 2020 specifications13.3 inch Full [...]

League of Legends Wild Rift: see the first gameplay of the game for Android and iOS (video)

It was at the end of last year that Riot Games broke the news that made all League of Legends fans happy. This popular game will have a version for smartphones that will be known as League of Legends: Wild Rift.After several months without news about the game, the Riot Game released [...]

The best Animal Crossing alternatives you can play

What is Animal Crossing about? The famous Nintendo game has already accumulated a total of seven installments since it was first released in Japan in 2001 for the Nintendo 64. As a life simulator, Animal Crossing has managed to make players around the world fall in love thanks to its fun proposals [...]

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PUBG Mobile is getting ready to receive the biggest update ever! With exclusive map!

PUBG Mobile is preparing to receive its biggest update ever, where many new features and improvements will be implemented. However, there is no doubt that the biggest news will be its new map, which will be exclusive to the version mobile.Until now, new implementations have always been launched first for the original [...]

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GeForce Now faces major and necessary change

GeForce Now improves its transparency Since the official launch of GeForce Now, the problems with the licenses of many games have made the video game streaming service not live in a comfortable situation. As soon as it started officially, it lost a significant number of titles and with them a large part [...]

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Far Cry 5 will be free for a limited time! Another opportunity not to be missed

During this time of quarantine, many companies have already taken the opportunity to advertise their games through great promotions and even free offers. This time, you'll be able to play Far Cry 5 (PC) during this weekend totally free.Unlike many other games, you will not be able to keep the game "forever". [...]

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Epic Games will give you Samurai Shadown Neo Geo Collection

Free Samurai Shodown at the Epic Games Store Save this date: next June 11 and for a week you can Download Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Collection completely free through the Epic Game Store. You will not have to pay a single euro to get this collection faster than anyone, a week before [...]

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Windows 10 finally gets its big update of the year. Know how to install

After several months of waiting, behold, the much-promised update in May started to be sent to all users of Windows 10. This distribution starts a day earlier than expected and I don't think anyone will complain.Microsoft has slightly changed the philosophy of Windows 10 updates, so this will be the most important [...]

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Use your Fuji camera as a webcam thanks to Fujifilm X Webcam

Fujifilm X Webcam In the same way that Canon did, Fuji has also realized the value that it can bring to its users with something as simple as software that is capable of turn your cameras into webcams. An option that with the increase in the use of video calls is very [...]

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No Man’s Sky lands on Xbox Game Pass

An infinite universe With a somewhat bumpy release back in 2016, the game began its colonization on PS4 and PC, and it wasn't until 2018 when it launched on Xbox One. But the good work and continuous updates have allowed to create a good community around the game. , so this announcement [...]

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Google Maps is being used for piracy (GTA V game is the most sought after)! Understand how

Google Maps may even be one of my favorite applications, however, Google is having serious problems to end piracy within its map application.GTA V, for example, seems to be among the games that are most pirated through Google Maps. The "pirates" place links within the Maps application and in a Google search, [...]

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