How to choose the ideal size for your next television

The ideal size of a television on what it depends If you seek the recommendations of the manufacturers themselves, organizations such as the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) or the sellers of each store can get you a lot. To avoid this and so that phrases like "A cinematic [...]

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New Google Chormecast with Android TV is the dream come true (opinion)

Yesterday we had the first look at the new Google Chromecast that will arrive with Android TV and I can't be happier with Google's decision.Google Chromecast is easily one of my favorite gadgets and the one that stands out most in my smart home ecosystem.Google Chromecast is limited, that was your problemWith [...]

Android TV: next update will bring new interface with fantastic news!

Google’s operating system dedicated to Smart TVs and boxes is getting more and more popular, and as its popularity grows, it is getting more interesting updates. There has been talk for some time about the arrival of a major update that will bring great news and now, we have come to know [...]

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This would be the new Chromecast with Android TV and remote control

A Chromecast with Android TV The secret is in the interface. This new device, which would respond to the name of Sabrina, would offer Android TV as an operating system, and would be marketed within the Google Nest family. Next to it, a remote control would arrive that previously we had already [...]

YouTube Kids, how to see and enjoy the best YouTube for children

What is YouTube Kids Created virtually from scratch and with a user-friendly interface for children of any age, YouTube Kids is the company's response to the numerous criticisms suffered by the content hosted by YouTube. And it is completely understandable, because although the online video platform can be a wonderful place, it [...]

The instagramers who earn the most money, up to a million per photo

The instagramers who earn the most money If you have wondered how much does an influencer earn on social networks, we will give you an answer by focusing on Instagram and we warn you that you can end up very motivated or the opposite. Why Instagram? Well, because at the moment it [...]

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LG has a hidden menu on its professional-only TVs

The hidden menu of LG TVs LG OLED televisions have long been one of the clear references in terms of image quality. They may be somewhat more expensive than other options on the market with LED technology, but the truth is that if you are demanding with image quality, they are practically [...]

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There’s a new Tenet trailer and what it reveals could be crucial

Tenet, Nolan's most special movie? Christopher Nolan He is a specialist in making such films that leave us thinking (long) after viewing. He already demonstrated it for example with the fantastic Inception (titled Origin in UK), in which he posed the possibility of controlling dreams by levels and where the whole story, [...]

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There’s a ‘hidden’ trailer for Dark in this Netflix Germany video

The return of Dark, the most anticipated of 2020 No, we are not exaggerating when we say that the return of Dark It is one of the most anticipated events of 2020 (on television, of course). The first season of the series was a huge surprise for lovers of science fiction and [...]

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The best movies of 2019 you must see

The highest grossing movies of 2019 Although a year has already passed, in this list you will find 25 of the most amazing movies that you could enjoy in 2019. As you know, there is nothing written about tastes and, depending on each person, some of these titles may deserve to be [...]

This LEGO set of The Mandalorian and El Niño is 15.95 euros

The Mandalorian, the Disney phenomenon in LEGO format Little is left to tell you from the series The Mandalorian that we have not already told you. Disney + fiction has become a small phenomenon within the Star Wars universe, constituting one of the key pieces of the galactic framework. We always point [...]

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Google Chromecast may have its days numbered! Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is on the way!

At the beginning of the month, several rumors began to emerge that Xiaomi was preparing to launch a new gadget, which would present itself as a compact version of the popular Mi Box. Now, it was the manufacturer itself to confirm the existence of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.During the launch event [...]

Xiaomi presents the Redmi Smart TV X: premium quality at a low price

This Tuesday the Xiaomi sub-brand spearheaded an event in China where it presented the new Redmi 10X smartphones. At the same event he took the opportunity to present his new smart TVs, whose base model will be under € 257 (in direct conversion).The new Redmi Smart TV X were presented in models [...]

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Xiaomi launches Smart TV without margins and with extremely affordable price!

Xiaomi continues to bet strongly on the various segments where it is present, one of which has received great attention is that of Smart TVs. This bet is easily justified by the fact that they have already managed to become the largest manufacturer of Smart TVs in China and the fourth worldwide.Now, [...]

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Cinema and Netflix are our readers’ favorite means of watching movies!

Our most recent poll asked our readers about their favorite way of watching movies. Among the options are the content subscription services (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video), movie rental in the video clubs of the telecommunications operators and also the good old trip to the cinema.Most still prefer to go to the [...]

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This 4K Sony TV with Android TV drops to its record low

Android TV with the Sony XG8196 Before talking about the offer that Amazon offers at the moment, it does not hurt that we give a good review of the benefits of this television. The Sony XG8196 series enjoys a panel with 4K resolution with sizes of 43, 49 (our protagonist), 55 and [...]

Realme already has its Smart TV with Android TV at an incredible price

Rumored for quite some time, it has not been until today when really has officially presented the launch of its smart television, the realme smart tv. It has been at an event held in India, where the brand has presented all the news that they will launch in the coming weeks, and [...]

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Huawei massively orders MediaTek! You see

With the United States making it difficult to purchase processors from TSMC, Huawei turned to MediaTek to supply this precious component. According to internal reports, having Huawei as a customer increased the manufacturer's orders by 300%.In this way, the situation becomes quite ironic. Huawei will help MediaTek to grow, where it is [...]

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Xiaomi TVs continue to dominate the largest market in the world!

According to Xiaomi's tax reports, as well as data from market research firm AVC, Xiaomi's television division is the one that sells most in China. As such, Xiaomi TVs dominate the largest market in the world, which is not surprising given the company's popularity.In the first quarter of 2020 (Q1), 9,963 million [...]

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Xiaomi launches new 43 “inch Smart TV with design and dream price!

Xiaomi is no longer just an "adventurer" in the Smart TVs market, having already won a place of great prominence. Over the past few years, its growth has been so great that it is now the most popular in China and the 4th most popular globally.Now, the manufacturer has launched its latest [...]

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