Only on YouTube: Google keeps the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues

The cloud business and the importance for Google The business of Google cloud services It's not how big they want or what many users would imagine. Here, Amazon with AWS and Microsoft with Azure are the ones that dominate and quite differently from the rest. Google Cloud is the third service on the list [...]

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Nintendo Switch Pro can disappoint. Understand why

According to the Chinese forum Clien, Nintendo Switch Pro will have specifications that will not surprise. This is because Nintendo will not opt ​​for the Tegra X1 + processor, which would be a good upgrade over the older Tegra X1, present in current Switch consoles.Apparently Nintendo is working with Nvidia to develop a custom [...]

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Cell phones sold in Russia will have to promote “traditional values”. You see

As Reuters advances, the Russian antimonopoly authority issued guidelines for companies to create software mobile that highlights and promotes Russian moral and spiritual values. These guides were issued following a law signed by President Putin that requires all mobile phones, computers and Smart TVs to have software Russian preinstalled.The goal is for all mobile [...]

This is the true origin of the Walking Dead zombies

The problem comes from above The question left no room for doubt. Twitter user Lbiddle25 He wrote directly to the comic book creator Robert Kirkman, saying he had finished reading the comics and still did not know what had caused much of the humans to become undead. Hey @RobertKirkman , so we never got [...]

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Marvel series, movies and drawings that (still) remain on Netflix

Marvel and Netflix: a little lasting courtship The moment it seemed the best couple that could be formed ended up starring in one of the most famous breakups in the entertainment industry. Yes, we talked about the agreement between Marvel and Netflix, whose common project was announced at the end of 2013 with a [...]

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Sony promotes YouTube TV after finishing PlayStation Vue

Sony announced at the end of last year the end of PlayStation Vue, a subscription service for TVs similar to Netflix or HBO. The service will end on January 30 and Sony is already promoting a popular alternative: YouTube TV.If you visit the PlayStation Vue website, you can read a message from Sony that [...]

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Three keys to improve cable management and organization

The three keys to effective cable management After many years of fighting the cables, looking for the best way to have them perfectly organized so that it is comfortable to add or remove any, it is concluded that it is easier than it seems if some basic details are taken into account. In addition, [...]

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Metro Redux for Nintendo Switch will run up to 1080p

Deep Silver, together with studio 4A Games, finally confirmed the launch of Metro Redux for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. This will be the next version of an existing game converted to Nintendo's handheld system.According to one of the game's distributors, Metro Redux will perform favorably on Nintendo Switch. When in portable mode, the [...]

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These are the best solutions of light bulbs and intelligent lights of Xiaomi

Xiaomi WiFi smart bulbs and lights All these products are characterized by offering WiFi connectivity so that we can control them from our mobile phone. In addition, once linked and configured, we can combine them with the intelligent assistants of Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, so that we will be able to control them [...]

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120Hz screens on mobile phones: innovation or just a “fashion”? (opinion)

Little by little more details appear on the OnePlus 8, where attention is very much focused on your screen. The company's CEO, Pete Lau, recently announced that OnePlus screens will have a 120Hz refresh rate. Other companies like Xiaomi and Samsung are moving towards the same.In addition, OnePlus screens in the future will make [...]

OnePlus 8 will be able to transform video at 30fps to 120fps. I understand how

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, used his Twitter account to reveal one of the novelties that will certainly be implemented in OnePlus 8. Thanks to a new chip, the brand's future equipment will be able to transform video recorded at 30fps into 120fps.It had already been announced that the Chinese company has developed a [...]

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Find out how much time you spent playing with your PS4 in 2019

If 2019 kept you glued to television enjoying games like Death stranding, God of war, FIFA or Fortnite, but you don't know exactly when you were with the remote in your hands, calm down. Sony has prepared a website that will tell you exactly the level of vice that you reached in the 2019 [...]

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Xiaomi made 1 million physical store sales in one day!

Xiaomi has always been recognized as a manufacturer that values ​​its online presence more than offline, but that has been changing over the last few years. Besides finally betting on the various European markets, the brand continued to solidify its presence in the second largest market in the world, India.In this country, Xiaomi already [...]

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US, MEO, Vodafone or NOWO? This is the best mobile operator of 2019! (EBox Awards)

This is the new category of the EBox Awards and we have never seen such an exciting battle. NOS, MEO, Vodafone and NOWO have started on a level playing field to know which is the best mobile operator in UK and the result promises!THE NOS was chosen by the public EBox as the best [...]

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Samsung’s Project NEON Can Create Impressive “Artificial Humans”! (video)

Since the last weeks of 2019 there have been a lot of rumors and leaks about Samsung's Project NEON. Although no major details had been revealed, it was soon realized that it would be related to advances in the artificial intelligence segment.During its presence at CES 2020, Samsung finally presented Project NEON officially. Developed [...]

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These are the new Sony, LG and Samsung TVs that will hit stores in 2020

Sony's teles for 2020 The Japanese manufacturer has brought quite a few novelties as far as image is concerned, and has completed its presentation with several models with r8K and 4K. As you can see below, it seems that the 8K resolution has finally arrived to stay, although we will see how the problem [...]

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A PC Gaming with Windows 10 with the same format of the Nintendo Switch

Alienware Concept UFO, the PC that wanted to be Switch The idea of ​​what a computer is or has not been blurring for years. There are more and more devices capable of operating identically or similarly, and also computers that want to recover the terrain that consoles ate in a matter of video games. [...]

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Samsung Sero TV: Know Rotary Television for Social Networks

Vertical format video is extremely popular in the world of mobile phone screens. However, Samsung is already adapting this format for televisions with its Sero TV. This is a 43-inch 4K-resolution television that can change orientation like a mobile phone does when we rotate it.This way, Sero TV can be viewed in landscape (horizontal) [...]

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Samsung’s new 8K TV will surprise you in every way!

Samsung has taken the stage at CES to unveil a television set to surprise the world. Samsung's new SmartTV is the world's slimmest TV.If in the recent past manufacturers' main goal has been to reduce the thickness of televisions, this new Samsung TV does everything. Gives you a thin thickness and some barely visible [...]

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This Dolby Atmos soundbar is rotating for a fantastic sound experience!

Technology continues to "drip" from companies during CES 2020, the world's largest technology fair. Vizio, soundbar maker, has launched a very interesting one: it is called Elevate and in addition to having Dolby Atmos technology, it has a rotation mechanism.This mechanism supposedly allows for a superior immersion experience, offering a more dynamic sound transmission [...]

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