PS5 and Xbox Series X: so similar and so different at the same time

A shared brain The new generation will be characterized by being managed by the same processor. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X will mount a chip made by AMD formed by a Zen 2 CPU and one GPU RDNA 2, an extremely powerful pair of processors that each console has decided to customize in [...]

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Do you like PUBG or Free Fire? You have to try this free Battle Royal (Bullet League) game

The game is called "Bullet League" and is free for Android and iOS. The perfect game to give you a break from PUBG Mobile or Garena Free Fire.Similar to PUBG and Free Fire, this Bullet League is also a Battle Royal. You play online with other people and you can play solo or as [...]

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5 noise-canceling headphones to isolate you from the world

Why do you need noise cancellation? Active noise cancellation is a detail that has been in vogue for several years now in almost any type of earphone you can imagine. It is defined as "a system that allows you to cancel unwanted noise" and gives us certain benefits such as: A Greater concentration if [...]

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The mythical Telesketch can now draw perfect circles

The new Telesketch for 2020 With more than 60 years behind him, the Telesketch is willing to live a new youth. That is what they are going to try with this new version presented at the Toy Fair in New York, which was held last week and in which they have been able to [...]

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The smartphone with 600 thousand points is coming in AnTuTu to beat the Xiaomi Mi 10

After the powerful Xiaomi Mi 10 was revealed, many manufacturers looked at it as a "challenge" to try and beat it. The smartphone achieves a fascinating 585 thousand points in AnTuTu. However, Lenovo guarantees that it can do better!In a publication on its "gaming" profile, Lenovo published that it is about to unveil a [...]

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Game sales increase 400% after being made available on a pirate site!

Contrary to popular belief, piracy is not always meant by negative outcomes. Proof of this is the game Danger Gazers, which saw its Steam sales grow 400% after the developer himself made it available on the popular torrent site The Pirate Bay.The game was only released on the Steam platform earlier this year (January [...]

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Tips and tricks to be a real Netflix ninja: make better use of your subscription

Tips to get the best out of Netflix Netflix is ​​possibly the most popular content demand platform of the moment. It is true that HBO and Amazon Prime Video squeeze forward, but the red N is still the queen of this type of services. That is why today we are going to give you [...]

Apple Pencil can “copy” Samsung S-Pen. You see

According to information found by Pocket Lint, Apple has filed a patent for a new Apple Pencil. This patent describes gestures and actions that will change the way users can interact with the stylus pen used on iPads.Accordingly, the patent discloses that the pen tip sensor can detect sequences of up to 3 touches [...]

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New Xiaomi Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch will come to UK with a price you’ll love!

Xiaomi Amazfit T-Rex is the latest smartwatch from Huami, a company that manufactures wearables in partnership with Xiaomi. This new smart watch convinces in many respects, but what will draw the most attention will be its price and super autonomy.According to official information from Xiaomi given to EBox, the Xiaomi Amazfit T-Rex will hit [...]

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Xiaomi in UK: 6 more physical stores and one official online store promise in 2020!

Xiaomi has been gaining prominence in the UK's market. With its entry into our country in 2019, in less than a year, the Asian company has already opened 4 official stores.However, 2020 will be even more competitive. We have from a close source, given the conversations we had with Xiaomi managers in UK and [...]

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IS IT SAFE AND LEGAL TO USE PUTLOCKER IN 2020? Recently, Putlocker has become a regular source of great movies and shows. Millions of people all over the globe visit Putlocker to stream their favourite TV shows and movies. But these people are not aware of the dangers associated with pirated movies. We are [...]

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Security flaw that puts thousands of children's smart watches at risk

Smartwatches or smartbands with GPS function have become quite popular gadget among parents. In this case, gadgets are used to let parents know where their children are, for safety reasons. However, the amendment may be worse than the sonnet, according to Ken Munro.Munro is an investigator at security firm Pen Test Partners, where they [...]

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US opens cinema screen with sidewalls!

Opens next December 19 at 18: 45h in Norte Shopping a new movie theater that will give you talk. This is because the room will have the particularity of having a screen that extends to the side walls.With a 270 ° screen, watching a movie on this type of screen should be at least [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10: Here's what to expect from the next high-end

The Xiaomi Mi 10 is one of the smartphones that more is expected in 2020. At least one of the more hope. As much as the Mi 9T or even the Mix range is revolutionary, the Xiaomi Mi 10 will be, along with its predecessor, the most balanced top of the range.That is, it [...]

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Huawei MatePad Pro is official! This high-end tablet has wireless charging!

As expected, Huawei held an event today in China, where the new Huawei MatePad Pro tablet was unveiled. While the tablet segment is increasingly 'forgotten', it will surely draw attention, being the most powerful of all. ever.In addition to delivering incredible performance, it has several other highlights, such as a pen holder, punch-hole on [...]

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You'll love this Xiaomi 'electric screwdriver' … And its price

Xiaomi is more than just a brand that makes smartphones. Examples are your televisions, air fresheners or even toilet covers. Today the brand has put up for sale on its crowdfunding platform an electric screwdriver.The good news is that the screwdriver has already reached 175% of its target, meaning it will come out on [...]

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iPhone 8 Spends a Lost Year on the River and Works Like Nothing Happens

It was in UK that this story happened and shared in the Facebook group "Apple Fans UK" by the user "Miguel Carvalho". Your iPhone 8, lost a year ago on the river with your documents, was found and returned to GNR. According to the iPhone user, it all happened on June 28, 2018. Yesterday [...]

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Learn how to set your voice as GPS in Waze

If you use Waze as your daily GPS, I can assure you that you'll love this tip I have for you. Today we will define your voice as GPS. Do you know the one that says "turn right" or "watch your radar"? That's right. All you need to do is have Waze installed on [...]

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Huawei sales in Europe reflect recent issues

The past few days have been terrifying for Huawei because of its problems with the US. This scenario is already having repercussions on this side of the Atlantic. Several sources already say significant declines in Chinese smartphone sales.Second advances the TechRadar, Huawei's smartphone exchanges increased by more than 154% in just 24 hours. This [...]

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The Sims 4 free for a limited time! Enjoy while you can

After nearly two decades of history, The Sims 4 is available for free download for the first time. This offer is only available for PC and Mac versions through Origin until May 28th. With this promotion you will be able to save 40 euros, the official price of the game.There is not yet any [...]

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