Xiaomi Pocophone X2. 120Hz screen officially confirmed

Poco became an independent Xiaomi brand in the early days of this year. The company is preparing to present its second smartphone ever, which it will call Poco X2.After launching the Pocophone F1 in 2018, the company is now making its way with a device for the intermediate segment. And according to the latest [...]

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The best deals of the day bring the Mi Band 4, a turntable and the Final Fantasy VII Remake

The best deals of the day available on Amazon Below you have a selection with the best deals of the day. Some of them will not last all day (either at the end of the discount or by termination of stock) so we recommend that you do what interests you as soon as possible. [...]

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Survey: more cameras or better lenses on mobile phones?

Truth be told, the number of cameras included on the back of a mobile phone is increasing more and more. It started with the main lens + depth sensor combinations, up to the inclusion of angular, macro and telephoto. We already have equipment with 4 rear cameras like the Galaxy S10 + and Mate [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will bring the Note 10 SPen

Renowned leakster Max Weinbach posted on Twitter some information about the successor to the Galaxy Fold. The most notable feature is the inclusion of SPen, the iconic stylus and belonging to the Note productivity range. I just got word that Samsung will likely be launching the true Galaxy Fold successor in Q2 of this [...]

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Google will answer your questions about Android on Twitter. Do you know how

Have you run into any problems on Android and you don't know who to ask for help? How about Google being the one to answer your question? From today, you can do it through Twitter.The announcement was made on the official Android page on this popular social network. The American company promises to clarify [...]

Alleged Galaxy Note 20 cover reveals design details

The renowned @IceUniverse published an image of the supposed back cover for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20. This will be one of the successors of the Note 10 and the bet on Samsung's mythical productivity range for the year 2020.When analyzing the image, we can conclude that it will be a device with [...]

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite receives support for Google Fit

Niantic has just released an update for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game that adds support for syncing with the Google Fit app. With this new feature, Niantic launched Adventure Sync, a fitness feature.Adventure Sync was created to interact with users' fitness goals, so that the experience is not just a game. Therefore, the [...]

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UK will have reward machines for plastic delivery

Through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, a project will be launched to encourage UK's citizens to recycle their plastic. The project involves installing 23 collection machines in large commercial areas in mainland UK. Machines will exchange plastics for rewards.This incentive system will reward the citizen with several offers. According to the Ministry [...]

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Infamous Russian hacker faces 15 years in prison. Understands the situation

One of the biggest names in computer crime, Aleksei Burkov, pleaded guilty to running an online black market and a website that stole identities and financial information. Burkov was arrested in 2015 at an airport near Tel Aviv, Israel. Eventually, the hacker's extradition to the United States was approved.However, Russia tried to prevent Burkov [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S20 will hit stores a few weeks after its launch

Samsung will showcase its new flagship on February 11, but remains silent about its arrival on the shelves. But thanks to Max Weinbach, that secret will no longer be.According to him, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 will officially hit stores on the first Friday in March. This means that you can get your hands [...]

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Xiaomi will close all its stores in China to help fight Coronavirus

Through an official statement, Xiaomi announced that as of tomorrow, all of its physical stores in China will be closed to the public. In the same statement, they reveal that the stores should reopen on February 3, but this date may be changed in the meantime.According to the brand's communication, this general closure of [...]

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Gcam: how to install on any Android smartphone without Root

The Gcam or G cam, short for Google Camera is a modified version of the application (app) found on the Pixel line smartphones. As a rule, it manages to significantly improve the photographic quality of Xiaomi, Huawei and other smartphones.The premise is simple. Gcam has an excellent image processing, highlighting the HDR mode, night [...]

Nokia may launch its first foldable smartphone in 2020

According to the Nokiamob publication, the Finnish company may present a foldable smartphone later this year. From what has been said, this could happen in late 2020 or early 2021.Should this rumor materialize, Nokia will face fierce competition from brands such as Samsung, Motorola and Huawei. These three have already launched a device of [...]

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If you use Avast, you should consider changing antivirus

Avast and the disclosure of user data Applications and services that collect user data and then sell anonymous packages with such information to third parties are nothing new. Basically one could say that it is the essence of the internet for many and the business model they follow. Of course, on some occasions, limits [...]

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Apple files a patent that describes a dream computer!

Apple is one of the companies that has most revolutionized the technology market. Although in recent years it seems calmer than at the time of Steve Jobs, the company continues to work to innovate in the sector.The latest patent shows us a dream computer. Apparently from the patent image, we have a desktop computer [...]

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Caixa Geral de Depósitos reveals voice assistant in its CaixaDirecta application

Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) is one of the largest banks in UK and wants to continue developing and investing in the technological segment.Certainly for this reason the bank decided to create a new tool for all users of the CaixaDireta application, implementing a voice assistant in UK's (UK) capable of making transactions or [...]

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They want to ban these Nike shoes because they make you run more

Can Vaporfly be technological doping? The World Athletics, the governing body of athletics worldwide, is immersed in an important study that could mean a change of course in the design of sportswear for high competition. And the reason that led him to carry out this investigation has a name and surname: Nike Vaporfly. These [...]

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Avast may be the most popular free anti-virus, but it is selling your data!

Avast is one of the most popular anti-viruses available for computers using the Windows operating system and is also available for Android smartphones. With a user base that exceeds 400 million, it is not difficult to imagine how valuable the information managed by the company is.According to an investigation by PCMag and Motherboard, Avast [...]

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Your next hotel could be an Atari (yes, the brand of consoles)

The perfect hotel for video game lovers If we analyze the details they have shared, it may even make sense. The brand intends to create a complex of hotels specifically geared towards hotel enthusiasts. video game, so that in the new facilities customers can enjoy experiences of virtual reality, augmented reality and even the [...]

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Apple iOS 14: These should be the iPhones and iPads compatible with the update

The new Apple iOS 14 is coming soon. The new operating system should be officially unveiled at the WWDC conference to be held in June as usual.The new system is not expected to have drastic changes. This is because we can see a serious list of iPhones and iPads that support the system. That [...]

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