Huawei Mate 40 may be the last with Kirin processor

The Huawei Mate 40 (or Mate 40 Pro) will be the Chinese smartphone's next smartphone, scheduled for release in the last quarter of the year. As always, leaks are emerging that revealed 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage.It has also been confirmed that the Huawei Mate 40 will come equipped [...]

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Conflict between China and the United States may affect Apple. You see

In yet another event of the technological and trade conflict between China and the United States, Donald Trump issued an order prohibiting transactions made on WeChat by American companies. This ban will take effect on September 20.Given the recent history of the American government, Trump may eventually issue a ban that would force American [...]

OnePlus Nord receives its second OxygenOS update!

OnePlus is doing an excellent job of updating the OnePlus Nord. This mid-range equipment received an update when the equipment had not yet reached users' hands. Now, the brand has released yet another update. This is OxygenOS 10.5.4.OxygenOS is the OnePlus version of Android, for the global market. For the Chinese market, OnePlus uses [...]

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If you are so good at playing The Last of Us, wait to try these new challenges

New trophies for The Last of Us 2 In the same way that happened with the first The last of us, the game is going to receive an update with which they are going to add two new trophies to get, so if you are one of those obsessed with getting platinum for each [...]

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The new Sony ZV-1, the camera of the vloggers, is for 120 euros less

Sony ZV-1, the camera of vloggers The Sony camera catalog was expanded not long ago with the arrival of a very special model. It was the ZV-1, a camera specially designed for personal content creation (also known as vlogging), with a multi-angle LCD screen perfect for self-recording as a selfie, since it allows you [...]

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Howard, a wonderful documentary for Disney lovers

The "voice" of the little mermaid and the "soul" of Beast Disney is one of the few companies in the world that can boast of having that ability to convey unique sensations that last forever. And not only through his films, but also in his own amusement parks and many other products that he [...]

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Google Maps gets even better on cars with CarPlay and Apple Watch

When it comes to navigation applications, it is almost impossible to find one as complete as Google Maps. This Google service does much more than guide us on a journey and now Apple users will be able to take full advantage of these features.Google today announced the launch of Google Maps for the "CarPlay [...]

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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is coming and these are the minimum requirements!

Even though World of Warcraft (WoW) is far from its golden age, it remains the most popular MMORPG ever, with large millions of active users every month. Its longevity has been guaranteed by constant content launches, both through constant updates and the launch of new expansions.The next expansion - Shadowlands - is already officially [...]

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Android TV gets new features that will be very useful

Android TV is present in more and more homes, as evidenced by the 80% growth that the platform registered in the last year. This is also an added responsibility for Google in trying to satisfy the needs of its users.A new step to improve the experience of using Android TV has now been taken [...]

You can now play Minecraft: Education Edition on your Chromebook

Minecraft for Chrome OS is now official Students using a Chromebook as their primary classroom tool are in luck. Microsoft finally released a new version of Minecraft: Education Edition for Chrome OS. An interesting proposal that will not limit social interaction, as it will allow students to converse and share activities with others who [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: main features confirmed before presentation

Xiaomi is finalizing the launch of its new flagship, which will celebrate the first decade of the Mi line. That model will be the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and there are less and less secrets about it.This time, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra page is revealed on a Chinese online selling site, where we [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 have a secret on the screen!

Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 20 and the long-awaited Galaxy Z Fold 2 at the Unpacked event last week. However, there is a feature of the Note 20 Ultra and Fold 2 that went unnoticed, until it was picked up at XDA Developers and shared on Twitter.This is the adaptive update rate, where [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus can finally compete with the iPad Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus tablets were recently launched by the Korean brand, at the Unpacked event. Regarding the most powerful model, this may be the first Android tablet to compete with Apple's iPad Pro.As we mentioned in our review of the Tab S6, Samsung was almost there but still [...]

What Amazfit to buy? All models of the Xiaomi brand

Amazfit Bip Lite Starting with the most affordable of the entire range, we have this Amazfit Bip Lite. One of its greatest assets is that its battery can last up to 45 days of use. It's about a smartwatch light and comfortable, which has protection against water and dust (we can submerge it up [...]

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Controller for Xbox Series X confirms a second console version

Early on, rumors say that Microsoft is developing two versions of its new Xbox console. One of them has already been revealed as Xbox Series X. However, the second version remains in the "secret of the gods".This second version was confirmed today in a curious sequence of events. This is because the Xbox Series [...]

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iPhone 12 will be the most powerful smartphone on the market. Do you know why

The weeks go by and we are getting closer and closer to the presentation of the iPhone 12. Among the various improvements expected in this generation, there is one that will be particularly important in the new smartphones from Apple. I mean, obviously, your processor.With the new smartphones, Apple will reveal a new processor [...]

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What to watch this week on Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO

We are almost in the middle of the quiet month of August but this should not mean an absence of premieres on our favorite platforms. If you want to know what is new in terms of series, films and documentaries, know that you have below all the premieres of the week for Netflix, HBO [...]

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HydrogenOS 11 is official! Discover OnePlus customization without Google services

HydrogenOS is essentially OxygenOS for the Chinese market, completely devoid of Google services. OnePlus announced in China HydrogenOS 11, based on Android 11. Although it is exclusive to China, it is worth seeing what this customization has to offer. Watch the video.This update will be available for all devices released after the OnePlus 5T. [...]

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Caviar will launch iPhone 12 Pro in a special edition of Elon Musk and SpaceX!

Caviar is a Russian company known for taking popular smartphones and making them even more exclusive. In the past, Caviar has changed iPhones to several versions with gold, diamond covers and even titanium editions. The most recent is to pay tribute to Elon Musk and his SpaceX project.Through LetsGo Digital, we have images of [...]

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