Motorola Razr: smartphone screen starts to present the first problems

This seems to be the fate of foldable smartphones. After reports of examples of the Galaxy Z Flip with damaged screens, now is the time to see a similar testimony for the Motorola Razr.The case is presented to us through the publication Inputmag. One of its editors noticed that the screen of his Motorola [...]

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Coronavirus inspires company to create masks compatible with iPhone’s Face ID

The recent Coronavirus outbreak is an increasingly global threat, which has led many people to start wearing masks as a method of prevention. However, this means that users of iPhone X and above have to remove their mask whenever they want to unlock their smartphone.To try to solve this inconvenience, a company decided to [...]

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Alleged PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X specifications revealed

This year we will get to know the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Both are expected to be quite powerful, however, we still don't have a concrete idea of ​​their specifications.This unknown may now have been clarified thanks to the information released by 4chan. She says she got this data from a [...]

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DACIA guarantees a cheap electric car for 2021! (Certainly the Renault City K-ZE)

We have already talked about the Renault City K-ZE and its fantastic price for the Asian market. It was also mentioned that the model would reach the European (and UK's) market through the DACIA sub-brand and it seems that this is exactly what will happen.Olivier Murguet, head of sales for the Renault group, said [...]

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Foldable screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will cost a ‘black note’ ​​to repair

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is one of the hot topics of the moment. Samsung's second foldable smartphone has received a lot of attention for improving things that Motorola did not do so well in the Razr, but also because after all its ultra-thin glass screen is not just glass.The price of the Galaxy [...]

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Jeff Bezos to make massive investment against climate change

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced on Instagram an investment of $ 10 billion in a fund created to combat climate change. The fund created by the multimillionaire is called Bezos Earth Found.The CEO says that climate change is the biggest threat to the planet and that he intends to help explore ways to combat [...]

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Google Pixel 5: name is confirmed by Android project for developers

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is a platform for Android developers. Through this platform, the name of the next Google phone was confirmed: Pixel 5. The nomenclature is not surprising, as Google has used numbers to describe its phones to the public.To further cement the name, the code names of 3 Pixel devices [...]

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Apple admits Coronavirus is affecting production of iPhones

Apple "gave the arm" to cheer and admitted that the Coronavirus outbreak is having a negative impact on the production of iPhones and consequently, on sales. The apple company has announced that it will not be able to meet its revenue projection for the second quarter of 2020 thanks to the disease.In addition to [...]

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China recruits technology titans to help fight Coronavirus

China continues its relentless fight against the Coronavirus outbreak, which continues to plague the country. According to Reuters, the most recent move was to hire two of the largest Chinese conglomerates to create a national system for identifying those affected by symptoms of the disease.Conglomerates are Alibaba Holdings (owner of the Alibaba website and [...]

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TCL would show a smartphone with an expandable screen at MWC. Know the concept

At a time when the market looks closely at foldable smartphones, TCL has something different up its sleeve. According to CNET sources, the Chinese company devised a smartphone with an expandable screen.The images shared by the source are renders of the equipment, but CNET claims a prototype would be presented at MWC. As this [...]

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Honor 9X Lite with price and specifications confirmed before presentation

The Honor 9X Lite will be the next bet from Huawei's sub-brand for the mid-range segment. It is not yet known when the smartphone will be presented, but we already know almost everything about the equipment.After its design was revealed last week, it is now time for us to know its specifications and price. [...]

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Warfare is the free Call of Duty for Switch that you can play now

How to download Warface for Nintendo Switch At the time of writing this article, Warface It is available only in the Australian store (there is already day 18), so that Australian players can download the game right now Nintendo Switch completely free. For the rest of the markets you just have to be patient, [...]

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Drones will be trapped with this system that destroys them with a laser (video)

Drones are increasingly accessible to the public and this can be a general problem. Even if government measures want to ban drones in certain locations, there are still those who disrespect them.In this way, the company "Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd" created a laser that can take down any drone. Not to the point [...]

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This is how Disney + was released in UK … with your Twitter account

Disney +: an imminent arrival After much patience, we recently learned about the release date of Disney + in UK. The content on demand platform made a first stop in selected countries at the end of 2019 and now, four months later, it will do the same in English territory (among other regions). It [...]

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Huawei already has a new date to present its next foldable

At a time when the Mobile World Congress has already been canceled by the GSMA, the various brands that had their presence announced in Barcelona are beginning to reveal new dates to present their new products.The first to take a stand is Huawei, which has officially confirmed that it will hold a virtual press [...]

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The ‘Amazing stories’ of Spielberg and Apple already have a trailer

The 80's classic is renewed That Apple's streaming video service needs some changes we believe is something we all agree on, as well as expanding its content catalog. Luckily, even if they go at their own pace, Apple is providing a solution with some original series of high quality. The last to join was [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10: this video recorded with the smartphone fascinates anyone!

The Xiaomi Mi 10 had its debut in Europe postponed due to the cancellation of MWC 2020. However, it is known that it will not be long before the smartphone reaches our stores.However, those who already have the Xiaomi Mi 10 in their hands will delight fans with some of the smartphone's features. The [...]

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The best Dream creations we’ve seen so far

In Dreams everything is possible The imagination of the users is reaching unsuspected levels, since, instead of recreating simple scenes without any intention, many are in charge of giving life to small mini-games inspired by others that we had previously seen on other platforms. For example Metal gear solid, since this user has created [...]

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Sharp announces dream phone! Know the specifications

Sharp today announced its new device, the Sharp Aquos R5G. This equipment is already prepared for mobile data in the 5G protocol and with a Snapdragon 865 processor to feed its capabilities. Sharp became popular in 2014 for launching the Aquos Crystal, a frameless phone.Sharp Aquos R5G specifications6.5 inch QHD + display (1440 x [...]

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The first manned drone for stunts is only for brave dummies

The first manned drone to do stunts in the air The first great drone for stunts is ready, or so says Herbert Weirather, CEBox of the DCL. Along with what really is its important announcement, its new racing drone video games, the Dron Champions League showed this manned aircraft that is an important bet [...]

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