Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is official: bye-bye Xiaomi Mi TV Stick?

After its design was leaked, the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite from Amazon have now been made official. These are the streaming dongles of the trade giant, and the cheapest model promises to dethrone the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.The Fire TV Stick Lite comes with the ability to play content with [...]

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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 is free in the Epic Store so you can build the park of your dreams

A custom amusement park The saga RollerCoaster Tycoon is known for being extremely addictive and fun. The game offers you the opportunity to set up your own amusement park, being able to design the craziest roller coaster you have ever imagined in a completely personalized way. The problem is that you will have to [...]

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PS5: this could be the next “motion” command on the new PlayStation

PlayStation 5, also known as PS5, has not yet reached the market but is already generating huge enthusiasm among fans of the brand.The design is new, the controls are (finally) different and everything indicates that the power of this new console will be out of this world. We only have to know what the [...]

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Amazon launches a security camera that is an authentic Mini drone

Amazon surprised again with the new Ring products. The new security camera "Ring Always Home Drone Cam" is a mini drone that is always alert and can roam around the house independently.That is, when it is activated, the drone is basically as smart as the robot vacuum cleaners, which circulate around the house to [...]

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Play Left 4 Dead 2 and its new DLC completely free

New DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the most popular zombie games in the video game industry. And it is not surprising, since since 2009 (the year in which this second installment was officially launched) the title has managed to maintain a fairly active user community. So [...]

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Xiaomi could reveal another smartwatch soon

Huami, Xiaomi's partner in smart watches, is about to unveil a new smartwatch. In other words, it is very likely that the brand will bring us another gadget for our market.We still don't know much about the mysterious smartwatch. Only that brand published a photo of one of the corners of the smartwatch with [...]

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Football Manager 2021 already has a release date. And there is a novelty

SEGA has already confirmed the release date of Football Manager 2021. The game that puts you in the shoes of a coach (and more than that) will arrive on the various platforms on the day November 24.The big news is the return to Microsoft's “home”. This is because the game will be released on [...]

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OnePlus 8T: the whole truth about fast smartphone charging

It is already on the 14th of October that the new OnePlus 8T will be revealed to the world. The brand has already started promoting the equipment with all its weapons, one of which is the super-fast 65W charging.After already giving an appetizer of what to expect from this new advance of the Warp [...]

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These are the new Amazon Echo! You will love the design and features!

If you are a lover of the "smart home" and IoT (Internet of Things) ideology, here are 4 good reasons to start putting money aside.Amazon has unveiled new Echo and a security camera that is an authentic mini drone. These new Echos arrive with the well-known Alexa and are ready to bring more intelligence [...]

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Epic already has its squad to go against Apple

The Coalition for App Justice is born With the idea of ​​making pineapple and being able to face a giant like Apple, the most renowned companies that have made public their disagreement against the rules of the store have come together to give life to what they have called the Coalition for the App [...]

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Huawei Mate 40 Pro allegedly caught in user hands

As is usual practice at this time of year, Huawei will soon launch new members of the Mate line. And the one believed to be a Mate 40 Pro may have been seen in real images.The device in question was caught in the subway in the hands of a user in a very camouflaged [...]

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Canon has a spectacular new and inexpensive film camera

The EBoxS Cinema line and its new C70 When Canon launched its new EBoxS R6 and EBoxS R5, all lovers of photography and video were pleasantly surprised by the technical capabilities of both models. Especially with the EBoxS R5. A camera, the latter, capable of capturing video at a resolution of 8K, was at [...]

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Tesla Model S Plaid vaporized McLaren P1 record at the Laguna Seca track! (video)

During the manufacturer's most recent event, Elon Musk finally officially launched the so-called Tesla Model S Plaid, the new flagship electric car maker. Tesla's CEO took the opportunity to point out that the Model S Plaid is the perfect example of what it will be possible to achieve with its new batteries, both in [...]

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The 10 best smartwatch of 2020

Those looking for an accessory capable of recording and tracking physical activities, have the best smartwatches for sport and general use, with smart accessories to buy and have on their wrist. Then you'll find the best smartwatch for you!You have clocks with different operating systems and different functions, suitable for the most varied users. [...]

Apple: one of the next iPhone 12 won’t surprise performance!

Apple is about to officially launch its new iPhone 12. Although we have an idea of ​​some features of the new smartphones, the information is only starting to be more concrete now.According to the information, this year we will have 4 new models. An iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and even a [...]

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Do you hear Podcasts? You’ll love the new Spotify feature!

Spotify recently joined Podcasts, however, it is beginning to evolve more and more in a segment that was believed to have been in existence for a few years.If you listen to Podcasts on Spotify you can now have an interaction with your content creators with polls that are posted during the event.Polls on Spotify [...]

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Amazon Luna: the new gaming service (cloud) to fight Google Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox

The Amazon Luna service is yet another gaming service that is about to hit the market. A service identical to Google Stadia that promises to win users.If you like games these days have been exciting. Google has finally got Stadia up and running for many users, the new XBox and PlayStation 5 have been [...]

This is the new Google Chromecast with your controller! No more secrets!

It won't be long before we see the new Google Chromecast. In fact, the gadget's new name is expected to be "Google TV Chromecast".The rumors were intense and we had already seen videos or even rendered images of the gadget. However, now we have the images that we all expected. The gadget in real [...]

This Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4C only costs 16.99 euros on Amazon

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4C, what does it offer? Having the Mi Band 4 and 5 on the market, it is hard to believe that Xiaomi also has a Mi Smart Band, but the truth is that the Chinese firm has room for everything and its existence only proves it. This activity bracelet follows [...]

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If you have a Xiaomi smartphone you will like the new camera functionality

Xiaomi has just announced that it will let the watermark be further customized in photographs taken with a Xiaomi smartphone.This watermark was brought by Huawei in order to "enhance" the smartphone that the photograph was taken. Xiaomi not only gave us this feature on their smartphones, but also let us put our name on [...]

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