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Google Translate will be able to do translations in real time

Google has announced that its Translator for Android application will be able to translate audio in real time. A feature that quickly reminds us of the Pixel 4 and its ability to transcribe, in real time, what someone is saying.In the case of Google Translate, the idea will be to translate audio files from [...]

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Plague Inc game is again one of the most downloaded thanks to the Coronavirus

As Coronavirus continues to infect more people and be responsible for more deadly cases, interest in the evolution patterns of this type of virus has made the game Plague Inc. once again dominate the top most downloaded games for iOS.Although the same did not happen with its version for Android, Plague Inc. dominates the [...]

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Huawei P40 will hit the market at lower than expected prices

O leaker @ RODENT950, which has proven itself several times in the past, used your Twitter account to give us new information about the Huawei P40. According to him, the Chinese will lower the prices of its next tops of range.If Huawei is prevented from using Google services, this could be the strategy defined [...]

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Xiaomi will again bet on a market that we all thought was forgotten!

In addition to being one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, Xiaomi continues to be the brand that is present in more market segments, launching gadgets for "all tastes" on a regular basis. Now, according to a new leak from the Chinese social network Weibo, everything indicates that it may return to [...]

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These are the Oscars movies that you can see online

Oscar films are more 2.0 than ever It's curious. A few years ago it seemed unthinkable that a film in the Oscar race could be so accessible from home, however, in these 2020 awards, the ones that stand out especially are those titles that can already be seen online without having to visit any [...]

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Podcast 265: Xiaomi Pocophone, iPad is 10 years old, smartwatches and their impact

Another EBox Podcast arrived. We were already longing to talk a little about the technological news. So this week we took a look at the new Xiaomi Pocophone, the world of tablets with 10 years of iPad and smartwatches.As always, you can watch the Podcast live on our YouTube channel for the Podcast (subscribe [...]

iPhone 11 lags behind Xiaomi Mi 9 and OnePlus 7 Pro in camera quality!

Apple has failed to convince DxOMark experts with the iPhone 11 cameras. In the latest test from the independent body, Apple's mobile phone lagged behind smartphones with the Xiaomi Mi 9 or even OnePlus 7 Pro.We all know that Xiaomi and OnePlus can be excellent in many attributes, however, the cameras always fall short [...]

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These are some ideas patented by Apple that made us dream and came to nothing (for now)

Not all patents have to become reality The latest patent registered in Apple's name implies that the manufacturer is thinking of creating a iMac with body of curved glass. It would be something like a one-piece iMac, in which the screen continues to extend until it reaches the table and fully integrates the keyboard. [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10 will disappoint a feature! (but this is good news)

The Xiaomi Mi 10 is one of the high-end smartphones that is most expected to be launched. The rumors have been many and the news has been good, however, not everything will be "good and best" on the next smartphone.According to an Asian leaker (digital chat station), which has proved to be correct in [...]

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Motorola will launch high-end smartphone to surprise everyone and everything!

Motorola is preparing to launch its top of the range after the last one in 2017. The company gained a new respite after the launch of the famous Moto Razr 2020 and intends to continue the positive highlight in 2020.It does not expect the new Motorola to be foldable or something identical to the [...]

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Imagining the iPhone 12: so it would be according to all the rumors

Let's go back to the rectangular design Something in which many rumors and leaks coincide is that the future iPhone 12 It will present a design that will quite remind the iPhone 4. Basically by the straight edges that surrounded the screen, a design that many consider one of the best of Apple and [...]

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Uber reaches another UK’s city, 2.8 million downloads later

Uber made official this Tuesday the arrival of its travel service to another city: Évora. The Alentejo district capital now has its second Uber service, since it has had Uber Eats (home delivery service) since July last year.Uber reveals that since its arrival in UK, in July 2014, the app has more than 2.8 [...]

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iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2) will bring back an old feature

Rumors are growing that Apple is preparing to launch a new iPhone in early spring. The device was first known as the iPhone SE 2, but it may ultimately be called the iPhone 9.According to what has been confirmed by the reputed information leak specialist, the device will return an ‘old friend’ - the [...]

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MIUI 11 is ruining the autonomy of Xiaomi smartphones (Mi 9T is one of them)

Xiaomi MIUI 11 is damaging the autonomy of some Xiaomi smartphones. At least that's the information that users are reporting on the Xiaomi Mi 9T page on Reddit.However, the bad news does not end there. Other users, on the same discussion page, reported that the Redmi Note 7 is experiencing the same difficulties. Therefore, [...]

Amazfit about to present its new smartwatches in Europe

The official communication was made through the Amazfit page in Spain. The brand that belongs to Huami (Xiaomi's partner brand) said that it will be present at Mobile World Congress 2020, in Barcelona.Amazfit will have a product stand at this event between February 24th and 27th. We can expect this to be the arrival [...]

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Xiaomi MIUI finally brings the “application drawer” to smartphones!

Xiaomi MIUI is one of the most successful User Interfaces (UI) in the world. In fact, it was this system that made what Xiaomi is today. I remember that the Asian manufacturer initially started by creating an UI and only then decided to launch smartphones.In the next updates, Xiaomi MIUI will finally have the [...]

The magic of Studio Ghibli: curiosities of the animation studio that comes to Netflix

The magic of Studio Ghibli Movies like ‘My Come Totoro’, ‘Chihiro’s Journey’ or ‘The Princess Mononoke’ are just some of the many great animated works made by Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation studio that is a reference for many. Founded by Hayao Miyazaki, from the beginning he and the studio have sought to tell [...]

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Motorola Moto G8 and Moto G8 Power. Leaked specifications revealed

Motorola does not face the best days in terms of popularity in the smartphone market. After launching the Moto G8 Plus and Moto G8 Play, it is preparing to reveal new devices for the intermediate segment.The Moto G8 and G8 Power are scheduled to launch very soon, and the XDA Developers forum has already [...]

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How to download HBO series and movies for offline viewing

How to download offline series from HBO To enjoy the new function you will only have to have the official application of the service updated to the latest version, or else you will not see the new icon that has been included in the interface. It will be as easy as clicking on this [...]

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Huawei P40 Pro Premium. Video shows possible smartphone design

As we get closer to its launch, the rumors regarding the new Huawei P40 become increasingly clear. In addition to the P40 and P40 Pro, Huawei will add a Premium version to its line, which promises to be the highlight in terms of features.The YouTube channel Waqar Khan took all the rumors that already [...]

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