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Starfinder, an interactive story for Alexa and the Amazon Echo

Starfinder, the role-playing game for Alexa If something cannot be blamed on Amazon it is their desire to expand the capabilities of Alexa. The company is constantly looking for new features that enhance or offer ever richer experiences. One of these last proposals is Starfinder Skill for Alexa, an interactive role-playing game where the [...]

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Xiaomi adds a smart dryer to its home catalog

Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer, the new from Xiaomi The Xiaomi home products catalog (almost) knows no end and this new dryer only confirms it. The firm has launched the new Mijia Internet Heat Pump Dryer, a household appliance large dimensions that incorporates smart functions to be controlled from our mobile phone. The model [...]

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Google finally launches Nearby Share! Know the alternative to AirDrop

After several weeks of intensive testing, behold, one of the most anticipated features of Android has finally arrived. Google today announced the launch of Nearby Share, a feature similar to the acclaimed AirDrop.As with the Apple service, Nearby Share allows for quick and simple file sharing between devices. With just a few clicks, it [...]

This video explains why all Star Wars titles are wrong

Star Wars, one of the quintessential sagas George Lucas released the movie Star Wars in 1977 (later it would be renamed the Episode IV: A New Hope) without being completely clear if it would be a success or a true failure at the box office. We don't need to tell you what happened. The [...]

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Apple updates its iMac, but still without what everyone wants

Much was said that Apple would be preparing an update for its line of desktop computers. Well, that update took place today, however, we still don't have new iMacs with a renewed design.In fact, the update is limited to the internal hardware and the most significant are seen in the 27-inch model. The smaller [...]

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Microsoft redesigns its Xbox store: more attractive and secure

Preparing the Microsoft Store for Xbox Series X Microsoft continues to pave the way for everything to come, especially the next Xbox Series X video game console. Therefore, along with the subtle change in the name of Game Pass, where the word Xbox disappeared, now it's the turn of the store. The Microsoft Store [...]

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Microsoft xCloud, Google Stadia’s great rival, already has a release date in UK

Companies have been betting heavily on streaming gaming services in recent times. After the launch of Stadia or Nvidia GeForce Now, it's time for Microsoft to join the lot.The American company announced today that its streaming service xCloud will be officially launched on Android on September 15th. Fortunately, UK will be one of the [...]

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Goodbye to the laptop: the best tablets and how to take advantage of them

Beyond its tablet function When the tablets arrived on the market, we all knew that they were devices that expanded and improved certain uses offered by mobile phones. After all, back then, these were just "phones" with a bigger screen. With the passage of time, the phones increased their diagonal and the tablet was [...]

FIFA 21 loses the license of another Italian team

Why are teams missing in FIFA 21? EA's agreements with the different leagues are fragmenting little by little, year after year. With FIFA 20 we already saw how Juventus of Turin disappeared from the list of teams to make way for a Piemonte Calcio that had little to do with the bianconeri that we [...]

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POCO is preparing yet another smartphone! This will fight the OnePlus Nord

Since POCO became an independent brand, it has launched a huge amount of smartphones. However, these have not excited the market and fans, as they are a copy of other models already launched by Redmi.Soon, another device from the Xiaomi sub-brand is already promised. Without giving details, a brand executive says only that this [...]

Deal of the day: this Garmin can be yours for almost 300 euros less

Garmin Fenix ​​5S Plus, everything you need in a sports watch It is very likely that if you are put in this of the sports watches, you know very well the benefits of the Fenix ​​5S Plus of Garmin. And it is a multi-sport smart watch with a good list of features that makes [...]

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Put music to your summer with these aquatic speakers

How to choose the best speaker to use in the pool Choosing one of these accessories may seem like an easy task, but the truth is that depending on your specific needs, there are different details that you should consider: IP certification: is the most important feature in this particular case as it directly [...]

Project xCloud comes to Android officially on September 15

Project xCloud for Android Project xCloud will be launched officially and exclusively for Android devices next September 15. This has been announced by Microsoft itself which is super plugged in recent days. The video game service via streaming from Microsoft logically will not come alone. Along with its presentation and launch for devices with [...]

Realme V5 has confirmed arrival in Europe! The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S take care

Realme continues to make a big statement, being the smartphone maker that has grown the most over the past few years. In addition to already having a considerable share in the two largest markets in the world - China and India - they continue to bet more and more on their expansion to Europe.Now, [...]

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Privacy tool based on Artificial Intelligence “disguises” your selfies

At the University of Chicago, a tool called Fawkes was developed. This is an Artificial Intelligence created to subtly deceive facial recognition systems. This is because, currently, facial recognition is a tool that can be used in a harmful way, interfering with personal privacy.The program works in a somewhat complex way. When you run [...]

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Looking forward to the Xiaomi Mi A4? Then we have bad news for you!

If you are one of those who was worried by the lack of news regarding the Xiaomi Mi A4, then you must be waiting for what has been confirmed today. Xiaomi has officially announced that it has given up on the Android One initiative.The immediate consequence of this decision by the Chinese company is [...]

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Sony registers healthy sales of PlayStation 4 and PS Plus subscriptions!

As part of its fiscal report, Sony announced its sales for PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Plus subscription. The report is still related to the first fiscal quarter of 2020 (Q1), where Sony sold 1.9 million consoles. It was a 35% growth compared to the previous quarter.Despite being almost "out", PlayStation 4 continues to [...]

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iQOO reveals when the first smartphone with “supercharging” will arrive!

After having demonstrated its new fast charging technology at the ChinaJoy technology fair, iQOO has now revealed through a publication on the Chinese social network Weibo, when it will present the first smartphone with "supercharging".According to the published images, the iQOO 5 will be the first smartphone to support the new 120W fast charging. [...]

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“They don’t want to buy, they want to ban TikTok anyway”, says the CEO of ByteDance

The saga of conflict between TikTok and the United States has continued almost daily. The latest development involves the CEO of ByteDance, in an internal document, stating that the American government, and does not intend to buy TikTok.Donald Trump recently made an ultimatum to TikTok, where he has 45 days to close an acquisition [...]

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WhatsApp has a new feature that you will love. Say goodbye to Fake News!

WhatsApp has been developing new tools and features to combat the spread of Fake News on its platform for a long time, having presented itself almost as an impossible mission. Although they are unable to stop this "new plague", the application provides users with crucial tools to ensure their safety.Through a publication on its [...]

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