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European Union wants removable batteries back. Understand why

According to documents found at the XDA Developers forum, the European Union is developing a plan to make batteries accessible to the user again. If the legislation is passed, it means that mobile phones will again have removable batteries.Most manufacturers currently choose to place batteries built into mobile phones. However, batteries are sometimes the [...]

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Lady Gaga’s new video clip, recorded with a telephone: guess which one?

An iPhone to record a video clip We told you the other day that Apple does not want the villainous characters in the movies to use their phones, since in the end their brand concept is associated with something negative. Well, the opposite effect to this could be what Lady Gaga has done now [...]

Uber: app will facilitate travel in foreign languages

Uber is updating its service in order to facilitate travel for both passengers and drivers. The most notable novelty is a translation tool, which allows you to translate conversations within the application. In this way, users are able to communicate with drivers if both do not speak the same language.Inside the interface, below each [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro may soon receive a special edition that you will want to have!

Xiaomi's new flagships were instant success as you would expect, especially after its impressive photographic capabilities were confirmed. I recall that currently, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro occupies the first position in the ranking of DxOMark.Now, Xiaomi President Lei Jun has started yet another wave of rumors, indicating the possibility of launching a special edition [...]

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US government wants to replace all Huawei and ZTE equipment

The American government, through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), is making a major effort to stop telecommunications companies from using Huawei and ZTE equipment. The FCC has created a reimbursement program that aims to replace equipment and infrastructure for Chinese companies.Presumably, the intention is to place equipment and infrastructures from companies that the FCC [...]

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Huawei Mate Xs has almost half a million bookings even at a price of € 2,500!

Huawei recently introduced its second foldable smartphone, the Mate Xs, which comes with major improvements when compared to its predecessor. However, it continues to present a price that will certainly not be available to most users, costing € 2,500.Still, the Huawei Mate Xs has already managed to reach an unbelievable number of reservations in [...]

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Realme 6 Pro with (some) specifications confirmed before listing

Realme recently presented its new flagship, but that does not allow it to stop in time. The presentation of its new mid-range, Realme 6 and 6 Pro is already scheduled for next week.Days from this event, Realme 6 Pro appears on the well-known Geekbench platform. In addition to giving us an idea of ​​its [...]

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Your Google Chromecast has a different design with the Netflix app! See the differences

Netflix has updated its version of Chromecast to make the format a little more appealing. When you connected Netflix to your Chromecast the only information you had on the screen was the logo of the streaming company.Well, the new update brings you a different ideology. Now in "ready for Cast" you'll have a glimpse [...]

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Malware for Android manages to steal security codes from Google Authenticator!

In order to try to make the whole experience in the various applications and services more secure, the 2FA security method (authentication by two factors) was implemented globally, since it is considered the most secure today. Among the various options available, the Google Authenticator application has become the most popular, being used by millions [...]

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We will have two Xiaomi Black Shark 3! Some details revealed by the CEO of Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro will be the next two high-end smartphones from the Asian company. The smartphones will be aimed at gaming and all lovers of games on the smartphone.In other words, in addition to being powerful, they will have unique characteristics for this type of segment. Today [...]

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This Stranger Things scene was changed because of Amazon

The great duo of The Endless Story For many it is the best moment of the entire third season of Stranger Things. We put you in situation: Dustin he resorts to his (until then unknown) radio girlfriend Suzie to tell you what Planck's constant is. She, upset because her boyfriend had not contacted the [...]

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Plants vs Zombies 3 will arrive soon for Android and iOS with lots of news!

PopCap Games, responsible for the already legendary Plants vs Zombies saga, confirmed that Plants vs Zombies 3 is already being made available for Android and iOS in some markets. This launch is being carried out in a very controlled way, serving as the final testing and improvement phase of the new game.In addition to [...]

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Challenges of Fortnite Season 2: Week 2 of the Brutus Report

Solution to the challenges of week 2 In the table of challenges we can see the new additions that have arrived this week, so we will review the new challenges that arise so that you can solve with total ease each of the tests that we propose. Remember that if you still have challenges [...]

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Microsoft Outlook for Android has a new feature that will make Gmail envious

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most competitive email services Gmail offers. In transformation since the mythical "hotmail", Microsoft has been significantly improving its applications for Android and iOS.An example of this is the implementation of Dark Mode in your application that works even if you do not have the latest version of Android [...]

Free Fire update brings new map and new possibilities! Knows all

Garena Free Fire is one of the most installed games on the Google Play Store and with good reason for that. The Battle Royal game offers us a fantastic game for all smartphones.While its strongest competitors, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, have been neglecting some smartphones with less power to run the game, Free Fire [...]

The Formula 1 circus arrives at GTA Online

This is Open Wheel Races, the new mode of GTA Online The Rockstar and GTA V, especially with its online mode, remains somewhat admirable. Despite the years he has been active the company seems to have no intention of abandoning it. Every now and then he is releasing new content for his online mode [...]

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The mythical Nokia 5310 Xpress Music will be resurrected by the brand

Since HMD Global took over Nokia's rights it has been resurrecting several Nokia icons. After the rebirth of models like the 3310 or 8110, now is the time to see a new Nokia 5310 Xpress Music.Information is being advanced by the publication NokiaPowerUser and realizes that your presentation will take place in the coming [...]

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All the figures you can buy from Harley Quinn (and some extra)

Although to the movie Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey It is not doing as well as expected and desired, the character is still one of the most magnetic and attractive DC Do you want proof of that? The countless official figures that exist on the eternal crush of Joker to buy, among other merchandising [...]

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Security flaw in Wi-Fi affects several Android and iOS devices. Know if yours is on the list

Security company ESET has just published the discovery of a new flaw in the Wi-Fi chips of various devices. This was nicknamed KrØØk and affects both Android and iOS devices.This vulnerability affects the WPA2 protocol, one of the most widely used today. It is estimated to affect billions of users worldwide and is not [...]

Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB: cheaper and more attractive than ever

The most interesting model of Raspberry Pi 4 Since the launch of the first version of Raspberry Pi in 2012, this development board has become one of the most versatile and interesting gadgets on the market. A product where, for all those who like to tinker and do DIY projects, it is worth every [...]

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