Xiaomi UK: Buying at Xiaomi Mi Store (official) just got easier!

Xiaomi UK (official and online stores) officially arrived in UK last year and gradually begins to be a purchase reference for brand lovers.The store may even have prices slightly higher than what we were used to on websites coming from China, however, we have a totally different service. Especially when it comes [...]

Vodafone: Yorn has to stop “stealing” customers in this way

Vodafone's tariff, Yorn, is one of the best on the market. It can be compared to the Moche or WTF service, which are designed to compete directly. However, in recent times I have been seriously upset about company policy.I have already complained about this problem before, however, the problem persists and now [...]

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New Google Chormecast with Android TV is the dream come true (opinion)

Yesterday we had the first look at the new Google Chromecast that will arrive with Android TV and I can't be happier with Google's decision.Google Chromecast is easily one of my favorite gadgets and the one that stands out most in my smart home ecosystem.Google Chromecast is limited, that was your problemWith [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will have a rear camera you didn’t expect!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be the next smartphones of the brand, with a presentation date of August. The top model, Galaxy Note 20+, was unveiled by the famous IceUniverse leaker, who revealed the specifications of the rear cameras of the upcoming smartphone.If IceUniverse is correct, Samsung will choose a slightly [...]

The best cameras for tight budgets

What cheap camera to buy? Choosing a camera is not easy. If you also want it not to exceed the barrier of 500 euros, even less. Therefore, it is logical that you wonder if since you are going to buy a product that will easily last you for many years, why not [...]

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Huawei patent shows smartphones we all want to see

Huawei has registered two patents for two devices that will be talked about. When looking at patents, we can easily see that one belongs to the "P" line and the other to the "Mate" line.But the most fascinating of these patents is not the equipment lines, not least because it does not [...]

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Android 11: so will the “off button” menu! A huge change!

When you click the button to turn off your smartphone, the menu that appears is minimal and simple. However, it appears that Android 11 wants to offer more than "shut down", "restart" and "lock the keyboard".According to the new image of Android 11 that was published by Google, the new operating system [...]

Xiaomi denies the launch of an improved version of the Mi MIX Alpha

Last week there was a rumor that Xiaomi was preparing a new version of the futuristic Mi MIX Alpha. The big news would be the use of the Snapdragon 865 processor and its commercial availability.Now, Xiaomi's chief marketing officer, Xiao Zang, has come to deny the existence of a Xiaomi Mi MIX [...]

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These devices keep your drink always hot

Smart cups We admit that we are very fans of those little and not so little gadgets that make life easier for us every day. Some of them sure sound like you. For example, vacuum robots, smart thermostats, sensors and other types of devices that are designed to facilitate day-to-day life by [...]

These are the 10 most powerful Android smartphones of the moment in the AnTuTu table

The AnTuTu benchmark is one of the ways that users can know the quality of their smartphone in a quantitative way. The application, which was removed from the Google Play Store without much explanation, remains the favorite application of many to assess the quality of my equipment.So, today we have the list [...]

Google Clock: new features are added and you will love it!

The Google Clock can even be a simple application that offers little, however, the recent updates have given the alarm clock more features and functionality.In the new update we will have important changes to the design and addition of "BedTime" (Bedtime). Features that further complete an application that a year ago received [...]

Application to remove Chinese Apps is viral on Google Play Store with over 5M downloads

The application to remove Chinese Apps on the Android smartphone first reached the Google Play Store on May 17 and quickly went viral. Incidentally, the application went directly to the first place in the Free Apps table in the second largest market in the world, India.The application is simple and intuitive. It [...]

Refurbished gadgets: are they really worth it?

What is a reconditioned product? This question may be the first thing that comes to mind. A general definition of reconditioned equipment, or restored, is one that without being new, meets the necessary conditions to be sold again. Something very important when purchasing one of these devices is that, generally, there are [...]

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Xiaomi ends the brand “Mijia”! But for good reasons

Xiaomi has definitely put an end to its sub-brand "Mijia". However, don't be sad because the company will continue to manufacture products for smart homes. The difference is that it will have a different name.The brand announced on the social network Weibo that all future Mijia products will be cataloged as "Xiaomi [...]

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Google screwed up! Android 11 Beta update begins to reach Google Pixel!

Google had scheduled the Android 11 Beta presentation event for June 1, but was eventually canceled due to the various incidents taking place in the United States. However, even with the event canceled, Google ended up screwing up and accidentally released the update for some Google Pixel.The confirmation was posted on Twitter [...]

OnePlus Z can mark the return of the brand to the desired “Flagship Killers”!

We have been waiting for a long time for the official presentation of the OnePlus Z, the manufacturer's much desired mid-range smartphone. Incidentally, their presentation was expected during the event that took place in April, but they decided to present only the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro.Over the past few weeks, a [...]

Honor Play4 Pro is coming. And it has a feature that you will want

The next generation of Honor Play is just around the corner. The equipment has already started to be certified, and it was revealed that the most powerful model will have a temperature sensor.This is a very rare feature currently on a smartphone, and it becomes even more relevant in the face of [...]

CAUTION: remove these popular Apps that are on the Google Play Store and have Spyware now!

Another week and more Apps on the Google Play Store with possible weaknesses for the user. The Apps in question were mentioned by the company "VPN PRO" that have spyware and unnecessary permissions for good use.In total, these applications have more than 100 million downloads. So, we can assume that some of [...]

ZTE Axon 11 SE is official! A mid-range 5G that promises performance at a friend price!

As predicted, ZTE today presented its latest mid-range smartphone with support for 5G networks, the ZTE Axon 11 SE. Equipped with the new MediaTek Dimensity 800 processor, it promises high performance performance at a very competitive price.Although only information regarding the Chinese market has been revealed, the ZTE Axon 11 SE will [...]

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Honor Play 4 takes a photo that will surprise you

Huawei's sub-brand is preparing to announce a new generation of Honor Play. These are geared towards a more gaming audience, but they promise with regard to photography.Wei Xialong, product director for Honor Play, used the social network Weibo to show the photographic potential of the upcoming Honor Play 4. And the example [...]