Enhance your GoPro with these hidden features

What is GoPro Labs GoPro has presented a new experimental platform called GoPro Labs. Thanks to it, users of a GoPro Hero 8 Black will be able to access special firmware that enables a series of new functions. These may or may not arrive in the future officially, but for the time [...]

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Control your visits from the mobile with these smart doorbells

Why use a smart doorbell? It may be that on more than one occasion someone has stopped by to say hello or deliver a package and you may not have known about it when you were not home. Well, this type of situation will not happen again with an intelligent bell, since [...]

Apple: iPhone 12 will bring a feature that everyone wants!

The iPhone 12 (or 11S) will be unveiled in the coming months. If everything goes as expected, the new terminals will have considerable developments, one of which is the addition of the biometric sensor on the screen. Something that users have long been asking for.Apple faces a complicated journey. The smartphone segment [...]

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More PS4 games on sale with Days of Play

PlayStation already announced that after the first games that received a promotional price for Days of PlayMany more discounts would come in the form of a flash offer through the PlayStation Store. Said and done, the brand has announced today all the promotions that have been published today in the virtual store, [...]

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The best scooter from Xiaomi drops to its best offer on Amazon

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro, the best version Telling you that Xiaomi scooters are the most famous and one of the best options you can consider is nothing new. The Mi Electric Scooters have earned a good reputation for offering a high quality product, a fair price and a rather attractive design. [...]

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Historic day for SpaceX, Elon Musk, NASA and the world! Review the launch of the astronauts (video)

Yesterday was a historic day for the world. Elon Musk's SpaceX has partnered with NASA to take astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).This launch marked the day that NASA hired a private company to bring astronauts into Earth orbit. It was also a launch on American soil. Something that hadn't happened [...]

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Huawei P40 Pro + is coming! There’s only one problem (the big ones)

We are not going to lie and, unfortunately, we have to "hit the same key". The Huawei P40 Pro + is a fascinating smartphone with just one problem. The lack of Google services. Like all new smartphones from the brand recently launched.The Huawei P40 Pro + was revealed when the P40 Pro, [...]

Prepare 100 GB to play The Last of Us Part II

100 GB of revenge We already know that the story that you propose The Last of Us Part II It is about the revenge and anger that Ellie accumulates after living a very traumatic episode yet to be discovered, however, it seems that the trauma could spread to reality if we are [...]

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OnePlus 8 Pro, is it really worth it compared to OnePlus 8?

(Almost) two drops of water Although at first glance they seem traced, the truth is that the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro have subtle differences. And these, despite being small, are noticed and felt more than you might think with the naked eye. The Pro model is something higher, thicker and [...]

OnePlus may end up abandoning Qualcomm’s processors! See why

Oppo started hiring employees from MediaTek and Unisoc to start developing its own processors. Although no reference was made to OnePlus, I recall that both manufacturers belong to the BBK Electronics group and we have seen OnePlus follow in Oppo's footsteps several times.Contrary to what many might think, the United States' war [...]

The best movies of 2019 you must see

The highest grossing movies of 2019 Although a year has already passed, in this list you will find 25 of the most amazing movies that you could enjoy in 2019. As you know, there is nothing written about tastes and, depending on each person, some of these titles may deserve to be [...]

iPhone SE: Apple created its golden goose!

The iPhone SE is the latest smartphone from apple and its popularity has been tremendous. The equipment brought us an impressive quality in a very outdated design.However, its "low value" (for an iPhone), has made consumers scratch the card. I dare say that many have had to endure the uncertainty of the [...]

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From video games to the big screen: games that brought movies to life

Beyond the video game Given this, it is normal that in recent years we have seen more than one video game inspired movieSo we are going to review some of the most famous movies based on the history of a video game. Because yes, there are more than one, and surely you [...]

EBox / Mi Store competition: this is the winner of the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop

EBox, in partnership with Mi Store UK, promoted a hobby to improve the life of a reader with the help of this incredible vacuum cleaner robot from Xiaomi. The jury met and selected the favorite entry, after a close vote.We would like to thank all the followers who joined the initiative, helping [...]

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Apple Magic Keyboard: The next keyboard on the iPad could be fantastic! Know him

Today we have access to an Apple patent for the Apple Magic Keyboard. We have no idea if this patent depicts a product that ended up not being revealed, or about the successor to the recently launched Apple Magic Keyboard for the iPad.However, looking at these patents, we can see that the [...]

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The creator of Harry Potter launches her new book, The Ickabog, for free

The Ickabog, a story with years behind him Although no one knew about The Ickabog, the truth is that at J.K. Rowling was already an old acquaintance. This is confirmed by the writer herself, who points out that the draft of this new story about magic was written years ago, while writing [...]

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The best sagas in the history of cinema that you must have on Blu-ray

The best movies ever on Blu-ray Whether you like action, magic or pirate adventures, here we will show you a review of 18 of the best sagas in the film industry. Compilations with which, if we have a Blu-ray player, we can recall great moments on our screens and enjoy them once [...]

Realme X3 SuperZoom, a very solid proposal with a good price

Realme X3 SuperZoom, video analysis With several phones already on the English market, Realme has managed to position itself very well in a few months in that space that little by little Xiaomi seems to be abandoning, especially when it comes to high-end. The Realme X3 SuperZoom is yet another [...]

Over 20 free SNK games via Twitch Prime

SNK classics arrive on Twitch Prime It is often said that whoever has a friend has a treasure. Well, today we could say that if you have an Amazon Prime account too. Because just by linking it to Twitch you will get access to a large number of free games every month. [...]

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This 4K Sony TV with Android TV drops to its record low

Android TV with the Sony XG8196 Before talking about the offer that Amazon offers at the moment, it does not hurt that we give a good review of the benefits of this television. The Sony XG8196 series enjoys a panel with 4K resolution with sizes of 43, 49 (our protagonist), 55 and [...]