iPhone SE 3 months later! Apple did what it was looking for

Our review of the iPhone SE 2020 arrived on our website on May 5th. It was on that date that I concluded my opinions about the new Apple phone.A device that is not for all users, however, that I assumed was perfect for other types of people. People like me who want a phone [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 finally seen in the first hands-on video

Samsung will lift the veil over the Galaxy Z Fold 2 at last Wednesday's presentation. Unfortunately for fans, the details surrounding their new folding were not many, with the promise that more would be revealed on September 1.A few days after the revelation, here comes the first video hands-on of the new Samsung Galaxy [...]

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Netflix will premiere this magnificent video game docuseries on August 19

High Score, the video game documentary Today video games are part of the culture, and they have such an impact on our day to day life that you could hardly find someone who has not played the odd title or, at least, the name of one of the greats does not ring a bell. [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will bring a SUPER Zoom! This is your rear design

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will be unveiled officially, if all goes as expected, next August. Therefore, images start to appear that show us how the new smartphone is designed.In these images on the back we also have information about one of its characteristics. It looks like your main camera will have the ability [...]

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Millions of users won’t enjoy xCloud because Apple doesn’t want to

Apple and its obstacles to the game via streaming A few months ago, when the Project xCloud test was underway for both Android and iOS through TestFlight, we discussed it: if the game via streaming does not reach the iPhone and iPad it is because Apple does not want. That simple and direct. Because [...]

Sony WF-XB700 Review: Quality True Wireless earphones!

The market for True Wireless headsets has an increasing supply to meet the growing demand. We had the opportunity to test the Sony WF-XB700, the Bluetooth headsets midrange Sony, whose price is around 120-150 euros, depending on the location where existing purchases and promotions.Strengths of Sony WF-XB700Satisfactory sound quality"Extra Bass" is legitMinimum latencyAutonomy for [...]

Google Maps: new functionality can also make you an “influencer”! Do you know how

Google continues to invest heavily in implementing and improving Google Maps. The application is getting better and better and the new feature will make you a local celebrity.For that to happen, you don't need much. You just need to leave your review at the raisin locations and keep your profile public. That way, local [...]

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Attention! DJI drone control application is not safe

Security companies Synacktiv and Grimm are moving forward with news that will worry all DJI drone holders. According to its conclusions, the DJI Go 4 application is compromising the safety of its users.This application, which serves to control your drone from the smartphone, has been spying on its users. In addition, it allows other [...]

Redmi Note 8 Pro in review, a mid-range with gaming aspirations

In a few years Xiaomi has managed to establish itself as one of the best alternatives among mid-range smartphones. Its terminals are always characterized by offering good features at an affordable price, and that in the mid-range - where practically all mobiles falter somewhere - it is like playing poker with the cards marked: [...]

Realme X2 in review, a mobile with 8GB RAM and a 64MP camera

Realme is a mobile brand that many media have already classified as "Xiaomi's successor". In recent times it is gaining a lot of popularity due to its mid-range terminals: very good price and powerful specifications of the juiciest. In today's review we talked about one of its most successful smartphones to date, the Realme [...]

Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition passes at DxOMark. And the rating is impressive

The Redmi K30 Pro (Poco F2 Pro) is a high quality device for the price it can be bought, even in its global version. But in China there is still a “Zoom Edition”, which has now passed through DxOMark.The Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition had its cameras tested, and managed to achieve a [...]

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Nubia Red Magic 5S: smartphone will rock the gaming market already has a release date

This year, Nubia launched what was, at the time, the cheapest gaming smartphone with the Snapdragon 865 - the Nubia Red Magic 5G. EBox tested it, and it is far from perfect as you can see in our written or video review.Just four months later, the brand will launch new equipment to refresh this [...]

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Microsoft Surface Go 2 Review: the ideal companion!

Two years after the launch of Surface Go, Microsoft decided to bet again on the segment of portable computers 2 in 1. Titled Surface Go 2, this version brings some improvements to what was already a good option for multimedia consumption and light productivity.The version we tested is the most powerful, with the Intel [...]

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PS5 controller: video shows the details of the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller

Gaming journalist "Geoff Keighley" promised and delivered. After he told us he was going to talk a little about the new DualSense controller on PS5, here is the short review video.The video is entirely in English, however, you can always activate YouTube subtitles that work well enough to understand almost everything he said.Here's a [...]

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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is “naked” in video and secrets are revealed

This Wednesday Xiaomi formally introduced the Mi Band 5 in its global version. The new smart bracelet from the Chinese brand arrives with several new features, and has already been “stripped” on video.The Youtube channel Geardo carried out the so-called "teardown" (disassembly) to Mi Band 5. And in the video below, all the secrets [...]

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Nubia Red Magic 5S: the new top of the range for gaming is about to arrive

ZTE has been improving its smartphones with the Nubia sub-brand. The next should be the Nubia Red Magic 5S. This should arrive to replace the Nubia Red Magic 5G that we already had for review and that was a real disappointment.Today the CEO of the brand published on the social network Weibo a small [...]

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More problems for Huawei! UK prohibits operators from using their 5G technology

Huawei continues in a downward spiral. After being banned from the United States of America, which affected their smartphones, it is now the UK's turn to ban its operators from using Huawei's 5G technology in their services.The United States has been pressuring allied countries for a long time to stop using the brand's services [...]

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POCO F2 Pro, a 5G phone with Snapdragon 865 and 8GB RAM LPDDR5

A couple of years ago Xiaomi surprised locals and strangers with a new brand of mobile telephony, POCO phones. With the POCOPHONE F1 The Asian manufacturer managed to attract the attention of the world in 2018, and this year it intends to do the same with the LITTLE F2, a new flagship killer with [...]

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Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1, Snapdragon and 5,000mAh for less than € 100

In the last year I have not reviewed many mobiles and I want to get back on the path a bit so that we can be up to date as far as possible of the new devices that are being launched on the market. So in today's post we are going to take a [...]

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OnePlus Buds: AirPods competitors will arrive soon! OnePlus confirms!

OnePlus has confirmed that the brand's new wireless earphones will arrive when the OnePlus Nord. OnePlus Buds will be the real competitors to Apple AirPods at a more inviting price.There are many brands that have shown gadgets identical to AirPods. Xiaomi, Huawei or even Samsung. All with their design, however, all with the same [...]