Samsung Galaxy S20 is far from having the initial sales of the Samsung Galaxy S10

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 line hit the market at a bad time. Still, Samsung believed that the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S10 could impact it. Well, it seems that things are not going as expected.According to the Seoul Economic Daily report, the new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones sold just 60% of their [...]

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Nintendo Switch will receive these great games in the coming months

Nintendo has presented a long list of games that will arrive from today until the next months of the year, so we are going to review all that will be coming to the catalog of Nintendo Switch. If you missed this Nintendo Direct Mini, we leave the broadcast below so you can review it [...]

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Huawei P40 and P40 Pro and P40 Pro + are official! Meet the new high-end smartphones from Huawei

The day has come when the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro have been officially revealed. An event without people as usual. This is because the COVID-19 pandemic has made it no longer an option.As usual, Huawei has unveiled high-end smartphones that will make a statement in the near future. Smartphones are great in many [...]

Xiaomi announces its week without VAT: what is worth buying?

The phrase «week without VAT» always generates in us a craving special for buying. It is what the offers have and the fact that now, especially, we are more boring than ever at home. Since Xiaomi has decided to open 7 days of discounts, in which the VAT of many of its products is [...]

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Learn to master Instagram: tricks and options you should know

Instagram tips and tricks you should know Beyond using the search drawer, querying by tags and the basics that we all know when viewing our feed, Instagram allows many more options that give you greater control in the use of the application. So, get comfortable we started. How to review the posts you liked [...]

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This is how Facebook is stopping the fake news of the Coronavirus

Facebook vs. Coronavirus Fake News With the idea of ​​stopping this type of false and alarming news spread, Facebook is preparing to implement a message forwarding control and management system to avoid creating viral threads on topics that have not been confirmed or that help create hysteria among users. This measure is being applied [...]

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Mario sneaks on PS4 and Nintendo gets angry and withdraws it

Nintendo does not share with anyone We already know the fame of Nintendo with their licenses. It has happened previously with home recreations of some of their games (we will not forget that copy of Legend of Zelda that could be played from the browser), and it has happened again with Mario. The Dreams [...]

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Petition asks Samsung to use Snapdragon processors instead of Exynos on their smartphones

For those who do not follow the technology closely, it is good to know that Samsung's high-end smartphones are different from market to market.The Samsung Galaxy S20, for example, in the United States of America use the Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon) and photographic sensors from Sony. In Europe and the rest of the world, the [...]

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It’s that easy to discover the most interesting Instagram accounts

How to discover the best Instagram accounts Unless you have seen a list of interesting account recommendations you should follow, start on Instagram and get a good list of profiles to follow is not immediate. Therefore, it is interesting to see how the process of many has been until they find them. Because that [...]

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Samsung Galaxy 20+ captures stunning 8K video in the Arctic Circle

After the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has traveled to space to capture images that were left in the retina, the Samsung Galaxy S20 + could not stay behind and traveled to the Arctic Circle.This is a less long journey, but the results of the 8K video capture are nevertheless truly stunning. And let's face [...]

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The best true wireless headphones of the moment

All brands want their «AirPods» AirPods have revolutionized the market and therefore, now all brands want to have their own "AirPods". If you are an iPhone user, it is obvious that they are the great recommendation for Bluetooth headphones. Not because they are the ones that have the best sound - which is not [...]

Do you have a Kindle? Take advantage of these tips

The Kindles, the kings of digital reading The Kindle is without a doubt the ebook par excellence. Amazon launched its first device in 2007 and since then sales have only gone up like foam. Of that first team, yes, there is very little left: it was a rather large (and heavy) device, with a [...]

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MP3 player is not dead, now it is sublime and might not be worth for your ears

Sony NW-A105, the MP3 with Android A mp3 player from which you can connect to the internet to consume content and listen to music. Hadn't that been invented by someone before? Yes, Apple's iPod Touch featured a product intended for music enthusiasts focused on the needs being handled today. However, Sony's option is much [...]

PS5 features to be announced tomorrow

At last. PlayStation had talked. The company will announce tomorrow through the head of architecture of the PS5, Mark Cerny, which will be the first official features of the future Sony console. After seeing how Microsoft went into detail a few hours ago, it seems that Sony has seen the light and has decided [...]

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GoPro Max vs Insta360 One R, what is the best 360 video camera

GoPro Max vs Insta360 One R The GoPro Max and the Insta360 One R actually are cameras with different approaches. The first is a camera more thought of as a unique solution to capture 360 ​​video and with a clear commitment to resistance. The second, that of Insta360, has its great value in that [...]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is disassembled on video. Know your interior

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the almighty of Samsung's S line for 2020. The smartphone has as its main highlight its four rear cameras, with a main sensor of 108MP and a “Space Zoom” of 100x.After proving its durability, Zack Nelson of the JerryRigEverything channel launched a new video where he disassembles the equipment. [...]

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This Samsung Galaxy S10 + price will make you ignore the Samsung Galaxy S20

In our review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 we mentioned that although the smartphone is fantastic, its price is a little high. This is because, you have smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 + at a more advantageous price.It is true that the S10 + is not the latest flagship in the market, however, [...]

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Instagram also applies measures for the coronavirus, but how?

Why there are new rules on Instagram by COVID-19 The coronavirus unfortunately continues to advance and all the measures are few to manage to contain the contagion. The establishments are closing, the entrances and exits of the cities are being controlled -well ... some-, and even social networks they are trying to take action. [...]

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5 noise-canceling headphones to isolate you from the world

Why do you need noise cancellation? Active noise cancellation is a detail that has been in vogue for several years now in almost any type of earphone you can imagine. It is defined as "a system that allows you to cancel unwanted noise" and gives us certain benefits such as: A Greater concentration if [...]

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Samsung can say goodbye to its AMOLED screens on smartphones! But for good reason!

Samsung is preparing a new technology that could be the substitute for its fantastic AMOLED screens for smartphones.According to the latest patent from the South Korean manufacturer, this new type of screen is called "Samsung PIFF". This patent was registered with the "World Intellectual Property Organization’s" which makes a certain technology protected from possible [...]

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