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Google Play Store: 9 free games you need to know!

Today we have a list of interesting free games to discover. They vary between different genres but all of them are fun and easy to play, without major complications. Stay with our recommendations for free Android apps.9 free games on the Google Play StoreExtreme GolfThis golf game has fantastic graphics and very easy to [...]

Serious security flaw in Snapdragon processors discovered!

Cybersecurity company Checkpoint did extensive research on Snapdragon processors and found a security hole in one of the chip components. The component is the DSP (Digital Signal Processor), essentially the "black box" of smartphones.Anyone who can exploit this security hole will have access to more than 400 lines of vulnerable code, according to Checkpoint. [...]

Google Files (Files Go) gains new functionality that you will love

The Google Files application, also known as Files Go, is preparing to give us a new feature that will give even more security to its users.With the new update, you will be able to launch files and photos to a place that only you will have access to. These files will be protected by [...]

Google Play Store: 7 free games just arrived for a good weekend!

We have a list of games just arrived on the Google Play Store. Get to know the latest games falling on the biggest app store. As always, they are free games and with good community ratings, even though they may contain in-app purchases.7 free games on the Google Play StoreSolitales: Patience and garden card [...]

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Google finally solves a problem that has annoyed Android users for years!

Google has finally made available to developers of applications and games for Android a tool that will put an end to one of the problems that most irritates users, requests for classification in the Google Play Store. So far, whenever an App places such a request, users are required to "jump" to the Play [...]

Bloatware on OnePlus Nord and 8 smartphones is annoying users!

Bloatware is the practice of including third party apps on smartphones. Although it is no longer as serious an occurrence as it was years ago, bloatware continues to irritate users. More recently, OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 have been tagged with Facebook bloatware.The subject gained some attention through leaker Max Weinbach, who shared his [...]

Goodbye to the laptop: the best tablets and how to take advantage of them

Beyond its tablet function When the tablets arrived on the market, we all knew that they were devices that expanded and improved certain uses offered by mobile phones. After all, back then, these were just "phones" with a bigger screen. With the passage of time, the phones increased their diagonal and the tablet was [...]

Google Play Store: 9 free offline games that you have to try on your Android!

Today we have a list of offline games for you. These are games that will not consume data or need an internet connection so you can play them in full. They are also games with good ratings on the Google Play Store and completely free.9 free offline games on the Google Play Store2 Images [...]

Google Play Store: 7 free games to try over the weekend!

It's time to take a look at another list of free games. These are recent, contain several categories from action to adventure and are guaranteed to give you a good time. As always, games have good ratings on the Play Store.7 free games on the Google Play StoreCall of Duty®: MobileIf you haven't tried [...]

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Samsung and Google in negotiations! Google wants more and Samsung doesn’t want to give!

Samsung has for some years been the largest Android manufacturer in the world. Certainly for this reason Google takes the brand seriously to be able to bring its products to more customers.However, the relationship between Samsung and Google has not always been good. Google even threatened Samsung by giving its users a User Interface [...]

Microsoft Family Safety is now available for Android and iOS

Just last month Microsoft announced that Microsoft 365 (subscription service with Office tools), would have some family-oriented features. It is a security app that allows users to monitor time spent on applications and other information.Called Microsoft Family Safety, the program is available as a free app for Android and iOS. The truth is that [...]

Netflix breaks record on Google Play Store

The latest figures reveal that the Netflix app has exceeded 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. This is yet another successful app to join Google's own applications, which have also surpassed this brand, as well as Facebook and Instagram.The truth is that Netflix currently comes pre-installed on many Android devices. These examples [...]

ALERT: now remove these 19 Apps that were on the Google Play Store and have adware

Another day of Android Apps that looked innocent and that were on the Google Play Store that needs to be removed by its users.These Apps have adware. In other words, out of nowhere your smartphone will start showing advertising on every site for no apparent reason.How adware works in these AppsApplications were installed by [...]

Epic Games does not skimp on criticism of Apple and Google for their policies

The differences between Epic Games and the main app stores are not new. The former has always opposed the fees that both Apple and Google charge, something that led to the launch of Fortnite, on Android, outside the Play Store.Even after stepping back and launching Fortnite on the Play Store, Epic Games continues to [...]

Attention! DJI drone control application is not safe

Security companies Synacktiv and Grimm are moving forward with news that will worry all DJI drone holders. According to its conclusions, the DJI Go 4 application is compromising the safety of its users.This application, which serves to control your drone from the smartphone, has been spying on its users. In addition, it allows other [...]

Google Play Store: 7 free action games for your weekend!

Today we have a list of free games for you. These are action games that will give you a good time to kill time. As always, they are games with good ratings on the Google Play Store, although they may have the usual in-app purchases7 free games on the Google Play StoreApple Knight: Action [...]

Xiaomi has been overtaken! Meet the 10 most powerful smartphones of 2020

We haven't finished 2020 yet, but AnTuTu has revealed the most powerful smartphones so far. This is the platform that tests the performance of the equipment, through the combination of processor, RAM and graphics component. It is available on the Google Play Store.AnTuTu numbers are not always a sure indicator of equipment power, but [...]

Augmented Reality came to Google with animals in 3D

The next time you search for certain animals on the Google app, you'll have access to a 3D model of that animal, which you can see on your phone. If your phone is compatible with augmented reality, you can project the animal through the camera and see it 'live' and in color.There is a [...]

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10 free apps to listen to music offline on iPhone and Android

The best apps for listening to music offline are listed here, available for Android and iOS (iPhone). They are the solution for listening to music without a net if the data package is limited, has run out, or you want an alternative to the standard player.From the best app for streaming music with the [...]

Google Maps just got better for those who ride bikes

If you are one of those who rides a bike with Google Maps, you will be happy with the new application update. The new update will introduce new routes based on several factors for better mobility.Google Maps is one of the best apps you can have on your smartphone if you need to get [...]